Best tips for sticking to your diet – Eating Healthy or Diet Foods does not automatically make you lose weight, Pay attention to Calories and Macros

No one likes the idea of a diet and because of this, many people falter on their way to getting their dream bodies. Even when armed with all the right information, it’s still very easy to get discouraged about the whole thing and quit.

So here are a couple of things I’ve found that will help you stick with it.

You may not need all of them but some might scream out to you as a good idea and if that’s all it takes to keep you on path, that’s good enough.


Eating Diet Foods does not necessarily make you lose weight

Remember, when the sun comes down at night, regardless about what you end up eating, this diet thing is all about calories.

If you decide you are going to lose weight by not paying attention to calories, instead choosing to eat ‘healthier’ and buying ‘healthy’ range alternate products from the supermarket, you could end up wasting significant amounts of your time and money.

Again, if you do not pay enough attention to obtaining your calorie deficit with the aid of monitoring your calorie intake, you could find yourself in a position where you are actually gaining weight out of ignorance.




Please don’t be conned by the constant advertising of healthy range foods out there. Some products have been shown to have more calories than their non-healthy options but because they are flying the  ‘lower in fat (which may be true)’ banner they are selling like hotcakes.




Lower in fat does not always mean lower in calorie.  You all should know by now what happens when you assume.

Some products may also be lower in calories per 100gram portions BUT they serve it to you in a larger quantity so the net result is you are actually consuming more calories. It’s easy things like this that end up catching you out.




Remember, all the nutrition  information is available on the back of the packaging, please don’t be fooled by something so simple like this. I would always say if the labels are going out of their way to convince you that the product is good for you, it usually has some catch to it. I mean, you won’t find a slab of chicken breast or some broccoli trying to sell themselves to you as healthy.

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Personally, if I wanted to eat something I was craving, I would just work it into my diet needs for that day. These health substitutes can end up not only being inefficient but expensive too. Plus the end goal is to have a better relationship with your body and your food, I wouldn’t recommend a lifetime of abstinence from anything on principle.