Best tips for sticking to your diet – Beware of Scam Personal Trainers

No one likes the idea of a diet and because of this, many people falter on their way to getting their dream bodies. Even when armed with all the right information, it’s still very easy to get discouraged about the whole thing and quit.

So here are a couple of things I’ve found that will help you stick with it.

You may not need all of them but some might scream out to you as a good idea and if that’s all it takes to keep you on path, that’s good enough.


Stay away from Scam Personal Trainers for diet advice

I would say this is a much better option than going into a generic gym or health club and paying a scam personal trainer for this information.


Scam  Personal trainers best diet tips


I find it’s very hard to trust people when the longer it takes for you to make a change, the more money they make. Wouldn’t it then make sense they only give you half truths, in order to slow down your progress and keep the money rolling in?

Please remember the majority of fitness related individuals are paid to keep you misinformed. They only need 5% of their clients, as body transformation success stories and will use them to persuade you to spend money.

Once that money is in the bank, make no mistake, they will keep you dumb deaf and blind till you’re broke and your body weight will remain the same throughout.

That’s not to say there aren’t some genuine individuals out there who like to help people but they are few and far between. In order to sniff out the good from the bad,  ask them this simple question.


Which diet plans is the best for weight loss?


If they don’t highlight they all have the potential to work in a caloric deficit or make a distinction purely on the psychological impact or personal preference, they are misinforming you.

I wouldn’t argue with them, just note this person’s goals may not be aligned with your own and they’ll make life harder  and more expensive for you than it should be.

Oooh, and if they ever say the word,




run for the fucking hills. I will come back to this in my exercise topics but at the moment, just run, like Forest fucking Gump on an ecstasy high.