Which diet is best for you? – Low Carbs or No Carbs (Atkins diet and Paleo diets)

Less is More

Originally I compiled all the information, on the world’s most popular diets, in my DIET HARD series but on review, the post lacked some punch.

So I’ve broken them up into their own  bite size sections, hopefully giving you the chance to focus on the specific ones that interest you the most.

Remember, this information is here to give you an understanding of how these plans work and the type of people most likely to use them. Unlike many other sites, they also give you some of the stumbling blocks associated that cause people to either quit, or relapse weight wise.

The goal is to pick a diet that fits you. One you are most likely to stick to based on your habits, ethics and lifestyle. otherwise there is no point,

So be honest with yourselves to see whether you can juggle the pros and cons of each before making your decision.



The No Carbers / Atkin dieters/Paleo/Ketosis whatever

Everyone knows about the infamous carb cutting approach. Dare I say, it’s probably best to call it the starchy carb cutting approach since its starchy carbs that are seen as society’s new enemy.


no carbs


Now I know there is a slight technical difference between how the low carb, no carb, Atkins, Paleo and the (Low Carb High Fat) diets work but I’m not here to delve into the science, more the overall method and effect. So unless you want them separated out, I’m piling them all in here.

These all provide relatively quick results, and if you are careful with your fat intake, it’s super hard to hit maintenance levels on protein alone based on the satiety of meat (physically eating the amount of meat you need to make your daily calories is just insane).

So most people will enter a drastic calorie deficit involuntarily without even noticing it. No doubt the results are very fast, as some people are cutting out nearly half their total calorie intake right from the get go. Also eating certain fats will promote your body to breakdown the stored fat in your system and use it for energy as well, double bonus.

YThe only thing is your energy levels may differ when you are powered by proteins and fats, instead of by carbs. It might also hinder you if you lead a highly active lifestyle.

I’d say it’s almost impossible to maintain this loss with the reintroduction of  starchy carbs back into your diet but if you can wave goodbye to the majority of them and just get enough to get your fibre, then feel free..Some people can manage with low or no carbs for a very long period of time, If not indefinitely but I wouldn’t say the majority of us could.

If you go down this route, sooner or later, your body will start to crave carbohydrates and the sweet temptation of having your glycogen levels topped up would be hard to let go of. So the weight can spiral back, just as fast as it came off and if you aren’t careful, it can spill over too.

This is probably one of the diets that causes the most fluctuations in a person’s weight ,with tsomecapable of gaining and losing up to 60 pounds combined in a span of 8 months.

You might also lose some muscle as you can burn into your reserves during the process. Considering lean muscle mass is a key driver to your metabolism, yo-yoing on this method will cause your metabolism to slow, giving you a smaller maintenance calorie allowance when your weight balloons up again. This means you have to eat less and less to create the same deficit with each cycle, making the process harder and longer with each re-iteration.

A slow metabolism and a high appetite for carbs is a one way ticket back to square minus one if you are not careful.

The neglect of a important macronutrient in order to create an aesthetic ideal may not be the way forward, especially one that is so important in providing energy.  Like I  highlighted earlier, the bodies most people crave have carbs in their diets, sometimes high amounts,  and they still look good. They don’t live without carbs indefinitely so why should the rest of us?



Did I mention it was super fast?