Which diet is best for you? – Meal Replacement Shakes

Less is More

Originally I compiled all the information, on the world’s most popular diets, in my DIET HARD series but on review, the post lacked some punch.

So I’ve broken them up into their own  bite size sections, hopefully giving you the chance to focus on the specific ones that interest you the most.

Remember, this information is here to give you an understanding of how these plans work and the type of people most likely to use them. Unlike many other sites, they also give you some of the stumbling blocks associated that cause people to either quit, or relapse weight wise.

The goal is to pick a diet that fits you. One you are most likely to stick to based on your habits, ethics and lifestyle. otherwise there is no point,

So be honest with yourselves to see whether you can juggle the pros and cons of each before making your decision.



The ‘Meal Replacement’ Shake Weighters



This method is simple, replace some of you normal meals with liquid heavy equivalents.

The volume will deal with the satiety (as stated before, the liquid will make you feel physically full), while the proteins and the fats will digest relatively slowly keeping your hunger levels down for the majority of the day. A lot of them have low sugar contents, preferring to be artificially flavoured instead. Due to this, they will generally not be as carb or fat dense as your typical meal. Therefore on aggregate, replacing two of your  meals a day with this and eating normally at night time will see you at a caloric deficit and get your body to start burning fat. They may also have ingredients that promote your body to burn off that stored fat (how affective this is overall is anyone’s guess).

The shakes could also provide a sense of energy by having ingredients like caffeine and cinnamon that stimulate the nervous system and give you a buzz of attention (like a can of redbull) which makes you feel less hungry. I’m fairly sure they have other ingredients that aid in curbing hunger as well.

You see, this is a great product for the average Joe.



Most of us are flying at full speed ahead, in the mornings. Because of this, we skip breakfast, overeat for lunch to compensate, and also overeat for dinner as we pig out infront of the telly.



Replacement shakes cater to our hectic morning routines. Based on the average preparation speed of 2 seconds, a shake is a convenient way of getting some food inside you in the morning, without eating into your busy schedule.

Most people are happy to make one, either at work or just before they leave the house (and drink it while they commute). This is great as eating in the mornings has been known to help with satiety throughout the rest of the day (especially consuming a relatively high protein breakfast, which no one ever does these day). So taking one not only deals with eating breakfast but makes them less likely to want to eat later on as well. Jackpot

Because they are filled up earlier on, they can ‘get away’ with just having another one for lunch. By the time they are hungry when they get home, they can have their normal pig out dinner and still remain in a calorie deficit.

This method is great, however you are very much reliant on the product. If you find you do not like the taste/consistency of the shake available, then you might be a bit stuck.  You can also blend in other ingredients to help with that, but remember that the more you add, the smaller your deficit becomes and you might actually end up spilling back over.

Another obvious hit is these only work if you are in a caloric deficit so don’t assume simply taking them will magically get you to lose weight. You are also very limited when it comes to altering your weekly rate of weight loss, so can’t speed up/slow down the process.

Also it will only work until you gain an equilibrium with your intake and/or consumption. If you wish to lose additional weight, you would have to significantly increase your activity levels or start eating into your  sole decent meal of the day, which on paper sounds kinda like shooting ol yeller in the face.



So you have all that time invested in buying a product and it will only ever take you so far. This might get some people frustrated and when off the shakes, the weight will obviously return. You are kinda tied into this product for life.

This is a very stress free approach to weight loss but if for some reason they discontinue the only flavour you like (or you move and they don’t stock it in your new hood), you’re kinda screwed and regardless of the money you’ve previously invested, you will return back to your previous size.