Which diet is best for you? – Short term Fasting and Detoxes

Less is More

Originally I compiled all the information, on the world’s most popular diets, in my DIET HARD series but on review, the post lacked some punch.

So I’ve broken them up into their own  bite size sections, hopefully giving you the chance to focus on the specific ones that interest you the most.

Remember, this information is here to give you an understanding of how these plans work and the type of people most likely to use them. Unlike many other sites, they also give you some of the stumbling blocks associated that cause people to either quit, or relapse weight wise.

The goal is to pick a diet that fits you. One you are most likely to stick to based on your habits, ethics and lifestyle. otherwise there is no point,

So be honest with yourselves to see whether you can juggle the pros and cons of each before making your decision.



The Periodic Fasters – Fasting



This is probably at the extreme end of scale, when it comes to dieting and regardless of what I say, it will only cater to the minority of people out there.

These guys go balls out and spend  one or two days a week eating no or very few calories (100 or 200) to achieve their deficits. I think the notion is that you just take a hit every couple of days to get your deficit rather than dragging it out with a consistent diet. This means that for most of the time, you can eat your regular meals and go back to leading a ‘normal life’ and in your diet phase, the body can go frantically chasing after your fat reserves.

Because you go long times without food you really cut into those reserves and because you are not fasting consistently, you are less likely to  go into starvation mode. This is based on the same principles as the intermittent fasting although going without food will mean you definitely enter a deficit and will lose weight (while an intermiitent faster’s weight loss will depend on how many calories they consume in their eating window).

Some people will have absolutely nothing over this period of time, others will only consume diet drinks and/or water in order to feel full. This is as 70% of our food is actually made up as water (you know most of the time when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty eh???).

Some will have water with lemon or honey or something that contains all their daily micronutrients to keep them ticking. Others may include a few watery vegetables (and other ingredients that have less calories than a stickman’s arse)  in some kinda smoothie drink that is full of antioxidants, micronutrients, vitamins and other things that may help the body over this period. Others will aid the process by having fat burner pills, chillis, cinnamon, cold showers a variety of stimulants that may aid in raising their metabolism

Of course the large consumption of water will also act as a diuretic so you’ll appear to have lost even more weight but its water weight and not fat. When that comes on back during the week, it may makes you want to be even more extreme with your next fast session.

One thing here is that because the fat loss is straight away, you can see close to a week’s worth of results in a single day or two. Bonus

This fasting method may be seen as severe but it’s a hit you take for maybe a few days a week. For the rest you can get on with your life and still see results rather than suffering for months on end.

If you were to look at an 28 week diet, roughly speaking that would be a full 196 days of restricting yourself from the foods you want. Over the same time period you could lose the same amount of weight by only restrict yourself for 40 days. Now on paper, which one sounds more appealing?

As with anything, when you know  you are going to go without food, there is a tendency to over consume the night before and also  in the days after your fast, so you really need to make sure you are just hitting your maintenance level values in order to make use of the process. It is very easy to make up that kinda deficit over the week .

Like before,  just make sure you can sustain a normal’s day activity without any food and be cautious that you aren’t doing anything that requires a lot of attention as you may end up daydreaming and drifting off. You may find it very hard to be as active as norma,l with nothing in the tank spurring you on. If you are a smoker you are also likely to smoke more to put off any food cravings you may have.

Because you are only dieting for a short part of the week, you may not take the entire process seriously and you are likely to not see the results you want. It’s like anything. You give your full attention to it, and you are more likely to see results than if you only give some attention to it.

Also, it’s kinda obvious that to keep the weight off, you have to keep up with the fasting. This is a life long thing  and I don’t know any physique out there that is worth going  25% of my life without food to obtain. Personally, I don’t think anything is that serious.

But it has the potential to be quick so if you are looking to drop weight lightening quick, it is an option, especially if you consume lots of water making you drop water weight as well.

Some people might use a business school growth model and think something along the lines of


 Well if I can lose this much weight fasting for one day, I’ll just fast for three days a week and lose three times as much


The problem is you won’t see three times as much because you’ll be in starvation mode, you’ll sleep and rest for longer and also be less likely to do stuff, reducing your daily calorie needs to compensate. Then out of frustration, you start cutting your calories on your other days, upping your exercise, cutting carbs and a whole bunch of other stuff. You will soon  find yourself in a deep dark pit

Also for some who can’t handle the fast, they may decide to eat and just throw it up to get through the days, which again is a real slippery slope down to a bad time.

If you normally don’t have any hunger issues, this might be for you. If you can manage long periods of time without hunger affecting your life or you are disciplined enough to do so, feel free to try it

Everyone I’ve seen that talks about fasting gets a lot of criticism for doing so, so be prepared to get alot of bashing from friends and family if you do go down this route. To be fair, even though its the biggest calorie deficit of the pile. I haven’t seen any amazing results from it (by this, I mean it doesn’t surpass any of the other methods results wise), definitely not long term

Personally, I’ve only ever done if it I’ve eaten too much the day before or I have forgotten to eat for some reason. That’s only really because I’ve listened to my body. I’m not sure I could manage it as a long term strategy myself, especially if my body was telling me it’s hungry.

This is a very powerful method for the strong minded type. However strong minded people also have a tendency to go overboard with things and this is a fast ticket there.

It may be great to use to get down to a certain weight but you may need to think about another approach to maintain it.