Which diet is best for you? – Eating Clean and Regularly

Less is More

Originally this information  on the basics of all the various diet schemes and meal plans currently available, lived in my DIET HARD series but on review, the post was too long and you would have gotten lost in it.

So I’ve broken them up into their own  bite size sections, hopefully giving you the ability to focus on the specific ones you need.

Remember, this section is to give you a brief understanding of how these plans work and see whether they fit in with your current values, lifestyle and structure.

The goal is ultimately to pick a structure (or structures) that you are most likely to stick to, otherwise there is no point, so be honest with yourselves to see whether you can juggle with the pros and cons of each before making your decision.



The one hundred clean meals a day/ Bro Diet approach

This is the Godfather of the meal plans, learned in weight loss class 101. An age old tried method for getting you where you need to be.  The crazy notion of actually eating more in order to lose weight.



Everyone who has ever won a bikini, fitness, physique, bodybuilding contest would have done this method at least ONCE. So it is tried and tested to the very bone and has shown to get results. That’s why it’s considered a ‘Bro’ diet because of it is a staple of all the muscle bound and bikini firm individuals on Jersey Shore and Venice Beach.

The premise is these people  spread their macronutritient and calorific needs evenly across the whole day and prefer to eat small meals frequently and often in order to keep hunger at bay.

Because these guys are constantly in a grazing phase with little time between their meals, they are less likely to develop the feeling of hunger and binge on other things.

So a person who requires 2400 calories to maintain will typically have 8 meals consisting of 300 calories each, roughly spread out  every 2 hours (hoping you get 8 hours of sleep a night).

How many meals comes down to you and how often you have the luxury of eating. If you have high protein requirements,  It’s usually done so you have roughly 30-40 grams of protein per meal, so a lot of people will use this to calculate how many meals they need.   I’ve heard people doing anywhere between 5 – 11 meals a day, you need as many meals to keep you from binging and keep your stomach ticking over without ever feeling truly full or hungry.

Because of the smaller calorie requirements of the individual meals, these people will tend to adopt more stereotypical healthy diets on a long term basis, eating the staple ‘clean foods’. This is so they can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to meal times.




This method is also pretty simple because each of your food source options is going to be predominantly providing a single macronutrient source (mostly protein, carb or fat). So you don’t have to worry too much about constant label checking, infact considering you will be eating the same thing over and over, your diet will consist of no more than perhaps 10 different food sources max, which makes working out calories dead simple. Just learn your 4 and 9 times table.

For this to work, it is key to prepare the meals in bulk.  So you can either do a couple of days at a time every few days or go big and do a week’s worth on a sunday (or your free day if you do shift work).


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.29.41 PM.

This may nuke a day at first but there are videos on youtube in how to get this type of meal done in about 2 hours, with time, you’ll get proficient with it. 2 hours a week of cooking doesn’t sound too bad now (less than 20 mins a day on aggregate).



Because you could be looking at anywhere between  35 and upwards of 70 meals for yourself, you’re going to need a decent place to store them all and a decent amount of Tupperware to store it in. It may not be ideal if you have a small fridge/freezer if you live with someone else. Also if there are multiple people in the household on the same diet, you can quickly see storage space being an issue. I’ve often heard of people having their own full fridge/freezer units before. Getting a freezer bag for transport would be best but if you don’t have a car, carrying one around all the time could get old but could help you develop some nice guns 😉 . I won’t even cover the hassle of traveling or going on holiday with your food (which may weigh more than your suitcase).

Because you may not always have a microwave around, you can find yourself sometimes eating meals cold. You could also find yourself eating these very similar cold meals for a long time. If you are able to disassociate yourself with the food and start thinking of it as fuel, then it makes the whole thing easier.

Because your meals are so small, you may never get that glorious feeling of being stuffed to your face like on Christmas or Thanksgiving ever again. Speaking of Christmas and Thanksgiving, guess what you’ll be eating? Talk about going cold turkey….

This method is probably the best to maintain and keep your deficit up without it having an effect on your daily energy levels.  The best choice for the more active folk among us. It’s probably one of the easier ones to keep you at your chosen weight as well once you get there.

The problem is though, alot of people associate this with a life sentence. Unless you have a knack for adding herbs and spices to your food and adding flavour without crazy calories, it can be dull and pretty damn boring. Your tongue, one of your five main senses could get one helluva neglecting.

Another thing is the constant eating and literally fitting your life around it. Depending on your day, you might require 3-4 meals just at work and none scheduled for when it’s lunch time. it might not go down if you have a meeting and you can’t make it because you have a feeding session due. And missing a meal is more hassle than its worth, if you’ve spaced it up properly, it could do damage trying to catch up with a missed session, which may eat into another meal later on or get you stuffed at one and less hungry at another. It just turns into a ball ache.

Also waking up early on a sunday to feed may not be the most romantic way to spend it if your partner’s round after a nice takeaway meal the night before, one only they could enjoy because you had your tuppawear meals to finish off.

Again this is for the more organised members of society but I do think people should give it a go as a measuring yard stick to view the other methods against. It does work and might take a bit of getting used to but once you are in the zone, you can have complete control over most aspects of your weight loss. Because everything is structured and organised, you will know the exact affect of everything and form the basis of a intuitive mind/body/food connection.

But like I said, if you had a 28 week diet, could you handle 1560 COLD servings of skinless chicken breast, avacado, brown rice and sweet potato with some broccoli. Not many people can. I know I can eat the same things everyday but  all the same meals and so frequently as well?

This does though probably have the best success rate for those who stick with it. Because of their increased association with their health, diet and bodies, these individuals might become a bit high and mighty about eating ‘clean’ and how everyone else eats dirty and they might become ‘that’ person. Be wary if this is starting to sound like you.

It’s also  easy to get a little ocd with this. Let’s face it though, everytime I’ve seen a weekly food prep on youtube the kitchen is spotless, so this is a OCD badge of honour. However, you can use it as a tool to keep you on the right track if that’s what you think you need to get the results you want.

Just ask yourself though, is that body, confidence, vitality, energy,shiny hair, sexy new partner, clear skin, wonderful sex life and six pack  worth never ever having pizza again?

Then again, is that pizza worth leaving all this behind for?