Which diet is best for you? – Incorporating Cheat meals into your diet

Less is More

Originally I compiled all the information, on the world’s most popular diets, in my DIET HARD series but on review, the post lacked some punch.

So I’ve broken them up into their own  bite size sections, hopefully giving you the chance to focus on the specific ones that interest you the most.

Remember, this information is here to give you an understanding of how these plans work and the type of people most likely to use them. Unlike many other sites, they also give you some of the stumbling blocks associated that cause people to either quit, or relapse weight wise.

The goal is to pick a diet that fits you. One you are most likely to stick to based on your habits, ethics and lifestyle. otherwise there is no point,

So be honest with yourselves to see whether you can juggle the pros and cons of each before making your decision.



The Weekend Cheaters

This was developed as a compromise for the potential constant drain of the method described here, for people who found it somewhat restrictive, with a genuine love of food, socialising and all sorts.



The premise is, the individual would diet a little bit harder during the week ( say 750 calories for 6 days) to increase their net weekly calorific deficit. Then when they have their cheat meal on the weekend, they can have, say a 1000 calorie surplus on the one day. This would cut back on their total weekly weight loss potential, however, the individual would still meet their weekly requirements of a net loss of 3500 calories a week in order to lose that pound of fat. So they end up losing the same amount of weight as someone that diets continuously while maintaining moral




Your cheat meal can either be used to give you that filled up feeling, or to have some dirty-meal,  tastebud extravaganza, like a cheeseburger and chips. You tend to find it’s usually a combination of both.

You could also increase the size of your cheat meal by cutting back on some of your other meals that day and doing some additional exercise too, so you combine a few of them together and you could have a 2000 calorie meal, a whole damn pizza once a week  with FUCKING BEER and still be losing weight.

Note the word ‘Cheat’ does not mean you are cheating on your diet, you should have factored in this meal as part of your original deficit. It should really be called a ‘diet relax meal’ or an ‘indulgence meal’ but hey, I didn’t name the thing. I guess the word cheat is a lil naughty and everyone likes to think of themselves as a rule breaker. You see what I mean about this whole fucking diet thing being one giant bag of psychological manipulation?

This method must have been developed by an economist because it follows the same pattern as our typical working week. Work hard for most of the week, under a regime you don’t care for but pays the bills, rest for a small portion of it doing what you want. Behold the birth of voluntary slavery.



Because of this, people are less likely to rebel, with a clear short term goal in order to meet their long term objective. It is easier to get through a week when the reward of the weekend is just in sight.

Just try not to overdo it with your cheats meals and definitely don’t turn them into cheat days, weekends or decades, you can lose two weeks worth of effort on sugar driven bender like that.



This is also good as if you are a social individual, you don’t have to pig out at the weekend, you can choose an evening when you are socialising with friends to indulge in your cheat surplus. So no more missed birthdays and parties for you, as long as you consume in accordance to your plan. Christmas and Thanksgiving are also now back on the menu!!

Also if you are going to cheat, don’t be a super glutton, You have to take some responsibility. Say if you are going to a restaurant or are going to get some takeaway,

  1. Get the macros and calorie information in advance,
  2. Plan what you want to have,
  3.  Work it into your weekly calorie schedule and
  4. Stick with it.

You’ll be craving something specific by cheat day, so you will pretty much know what you want. Factor it in to your allowance and don’t let your eyes be bigger than your belly when you’re ordering.

Also it would FUCKING SUCK if you are going to have a nice cheat meal and then have to eat healthy afterwards so try and make sure it’s the last combined meals you have in a day. Your diet food tastes like prison warden jizz right after a cheat meal and it’s the one reason why people go ‘fuck it’ to the diet altogether. Just start afresh the next day with your next cheat meal in mind and get back on the grind.

Remember, you don’t have to cheat if you don’t want to but it’s good to have the option ready and know that it won’t throw  you off course. It’s just nice to be able to relax in a dieting phase once in a while, trust me, if you stick with it, you will get there in time. There’s no need to rush.