The Perpetuating judgement and self-hatred amongst women

Inequality amongst women

In ethological terms, while everything men do could arguably be in the pursuit of women,  I don’t believe men think of one another as direct mating competition.

I feel this is because in their hearts, they do not see each other as threats to spreading their seed. Therefore they are less likely to live their lives looking to validate themselves amongst other men, allowing them to work alongside one another without any real internal conflict going on.

With women I believe they STILL see one another  as threats to future offspring production, which is why the majority cannot work alongside one another without being catty.

Now I don’t know why this is but I believe it’s because MOST women are likely to derive their SELF WORTH from external sources. Specifically the approval of men. Whether this is ultimately a spouse, their father, their boss, or their baby boys or just men in general. Ultimately the value of many woman is dependent on how many KEY men they get to buy into them and the presence of another woman may mean they lose some value as these men’s attention wavers.

The simplest version of this is shown with a married couple who give birth to a girl. If the daughter clings on to the father, the couple’s relationship will take a small dive and the dynamic between the daughter and the mother will grow increasingly hostile as she grows older. I use this as a relative example to if they had given birth to a boy. The boy is far less likely to cause a strain on a marriage than  a daughter, especially a daddy’s girl. This is the root of most mother/daughter distress because the mother has diminished in value in comparison to a younger version of themselves they cannot compete with, when it comes to obtaining attention from their husband.

The same notion is central dynamic in the conflict between most wives and their mother in laws. The mother or wife cannot understand why the other is the most important female in their son’s/husband’s life. They both grow increasingly hostile towards one another, as their self worth is tied into being a necessity to the man in the middle.

Or consider when a new woman joins a company. You can bet if she is considered attractive, the next day at least one of the other girls is going to be glammed up to fuck and overtly flirty with the guys and cold to the newbie to make sure she doesn’t upset the mating/power hierarchy as it currently stands.

Even when there are no men present, groups of women will create one in order to compete against each other for their approvals. Just look at nuns. and what they go through to obtain the approval of the almighty ‘Father’.

It’s just this weird notion but women routinely compete with one another on an ethological level and end up putting one another other down. I would argue in the West this type of suppression happens more than male dominated suppression and women do this to one other for no good reason other than self preservation.

It’s funny but this trait is also common alongside homosexual men, they are usually threatened (if they feel their sexuality status is at stake) by the arrival of another individual of the same orientation.

I remember one specific scene from 2001’s second series of the UK Big Brother, where a homosexual contestant, Josh entered the house half way through, with existing homosexual contestant Brian already settled in. The two were initially flirty but after Brian got passed up as a potential love interest by Josh, he turned on him and subsequently so did the rest of the house and the nation. This was back in the day before the housemates did anything crazy, so it was amazing to see the national rejection of someone based on Brian’s social standing in the house apparently being threatened.

Anyway, this is an interesting character trait in homosexual men considering there is no natural impediment to spreading seed here, so it’s not only instinctive to women. I guess the key trait linking both troops is the need to be desired but I will leave the guys alone for now.

Pretty interesting though