You may look like a million dollars but do clothes really make the woman?


Don’t get me wrong, it could be meaningless but we usually go without food and get ourselves into serious debt, purchasing high-end fashion pieces. The only reason we sacrifice so much for them, is so people we don’t care about, get preconceived ideas of us as individuals.  What’s worse is that we buy into these ideals as well.

We feel confident in a power suit or sexy in a little black dress.

In these situations, it’s the clothes that end up wearing us rather than the other way around.

I ask, isn’t it possible to be all these things regardless of what you put on?

Why does one’s reputation need to precede them based on their attire?

Are you scared you have nothing else to offer?

Do you not think you can stand out from the crowd, all on your own?

Worse, are you putting so little faith in the possibility the people in your lives aren’t that shallow?

Maybe you’re right, I’ll use this example below


Red Carpet

It is always a weird tale at the Oscars when a beautiful woman walks up the isle, a woman who would arguably look beautiful in a dustbin liner, and the first question they are asked is


What are you wearing?


Highly talented thespians are reduced to pretty things to look at. The best dressed are praised for years while the worst are publicly ridiculed. I ask though, does any of that have any real impact as to why they are there?

Considering the award ceremony is about rewarding excellency in their fields, would uniform attire not allow the focus to be taken off what they are wearing and actually what they have to offer?

To be fair, this is wishful thinking, They will still be judged competitively against one another in fashion articles to determine who wore it best (or to sum it up, who has the greater worth by being more desirable).

This isn’t what happens with men. Regardless of who has designed their suits, the majority come in black tuxedos. Many actually wear the same thing as the next person and they almost look like they are in uniform. No one cares because the male accolade is taken seriously.

Is this perhaps a symptom of why men still get paid considerably more than women in Hollywood for the same types of roles?

Would not changing the perception of woman in society help change this phenomenon and hundreds more like it?


Your backward thinking is the bringer of dark times

Now I can already hear the outroar, the world would be a dreary place if everyone dressed the same?


How dreary was it when everyone drove in pretty much the same car back in the 1920s?

How dreary is it that all our forks have four prongs?

How dreary is our planet earth, made up mostly, of the same greens, blues and white?

Quite frankly, the ‘Dreary Myth’ is a lie

Choice is usually released to a market as a covert means to increase spending.

For example, people are less likely to by multiple things of the same colour but are happy to by the same thing in different colour variants. By providing colour options and subsequent variety, you increase potential sales.

Simply put, if you wont buy it, they won’t supply it. That is the be all and end all of it.

The expression movement is a thinly veiled cover for the true commercial movement it protects.


Don’t care, just want

The simple truth is this. We want to stereotype people because it’s safer.

We currently live in a hierarchical world. We have pre-set class and caste structures not because we are incapable of any sort of flat system of equality but because we don’t want them.

We are driven by the need to be able to tell immediately  blah blah blah about a person and it is based on the myth perpetuated everywhere that we just don’t have the time to get to know people, so we need tools to make snap judgements within seconds.

  • loner
  • tramp
  • power hungry
  • chilled
  • slut
  • stingy
  • wise
  • depressed

This is where these preset social norms come into play and believe it or not, Clothes are the best way of quickly making said judgements.

Blame propaganda, blame the corporations, blame the governments, blame yourself. Blame the quest for individuality.

It doesn’t change anything. It never will