Retrograde – A galactic message in a bottle

This was something I was going to put up somewhere else but I thought it wasn’t the right place for it. So I thought I would put it up here instead. I guess this can relate to most people when you think about it.
I hope you enjoy

Time for a sensible one of these me thinks…


While most people will put their profile together to try and capture the intrigue of as many viable prospects as possible, I’m just going to try and scribe this for one person in particular because let’s face it, when all’s said and done, she’s the only one that ever counts.

First, a tiny bit about me.

If you are unaware, thanks to James Blake,  I now like to describe myself as a retrograde. That’s a celestial body whose orbit is in the opposite direction to everything else, like an old biddy on a roundabout.

I think it perfectly describes how I view the world and the unorthodox methods I go about living life to the fullest. I’ll get back to this point later…

Right, So here goes my tailored swift message…



ok, that is a joke peeps, calm down, Ozzy osbourne impressions are not my forte….

right, here we go…

Hello you 🙂 it’s about time you came round my way again.

Depending on where you currently are in life, we may or may not have met before. If we have, you should already start to recognise me, If we’ve never had the pleasure, I’ll introduce myself and this phenomenon we keep ending up in.

While I am not a believer in reincarnation or soul mates as such, I do believe we have auras, undeniable auras, as unique as snowflakes and equally as beautiful.

There are only a set number of these floating out in the universe and I’m a grand believer that certain people share them.

It is the embodiment of this realisation that most people consider to be ‘love at first sight’, which is usually when someone encounters a similar aura to theirs for the very first time.

And because of this, I know you exist out there, I know because I have met you before. Quite a few times actually.

You may have been in a different skin with a different chin and had a different style with a different smile but it’s always been you. Some of our previous encounters have lasted some time, others only as long as a passing smile but each one of them has always managed the very same outcome. Our auras have managed to resonate with one another.

That’s how I know you. I’m so familiar of you now, if need be, I could literally pin point you at the edge of time and space.

That’s because you too are a retrograde, just like me. 🙂

I guess what we retrogrades are ultimately looking for our each other, people to finally circle the cosmos in complete synch with, and perhaps eventually wipe out some space dinosaurs and cause some galactic mayhem, who knows…

but if you come across this, please know this,

Don’t give up on the hope of finding someone you finally connect with. I once did, that is until you first found me. Infact, you told me this very statement


We’re out there, you just have to look a lil deeper and start to search with your aura rather than your eyes.

Once you do that, we’ll always eventually gravitate towards one another, always.


So now I return the favour and say this to you.


Please be patient,.

It might be in a south American jungle, it might be in a Liverpool library,

it might be on a beach in Oz or a traffic jam in Iran.

You might actually be reading this right now.

Whatever is the case, Just hang in there, a lil longer.

I will eventually find you again