Today’s A good day to Diet HARD – My Body Transformation Journey and 24 top tips to help you stick to your diet

Yuri Komorov (now you’re just making shit up)




As part of a tribute to those who have inspired me to change my own body shape over the years, I am bringing you a series of posts based on my own knowledge and  experience on the subject.

They cover the tips and techniques that I have adopted in making that change in my own life and may help you make that change in yours too.

The first series will concentrate on food since this is 85% of the issue. I will come back to resistance training at another point in time, perhaps when I’m more knowledgeable in the subject. So I’ve broken down this food series into five separate articles,


  1. The Simple Science to weight loss
  2. The reasons why you’re not losing weight and understanding the key issues in tackling weight loss
  3. The basics of today’s most popular meal plans
  4. How to create your own diet mission statement and develop a tailored meal plan that’s right for you
  5. My own personal experience, tips and views on weight loss..


Each themed by a different Die Hard movie. As you may have guessed, I’ve appropriately named the entire series


Diet Hard


Some of it is informative Some of it is entertaining Some of it is motivating I hope the majority of it is reassuring and may just help a few of you (or people you know) with your personal struggles with becoming healthier version of yourselves. Most of all,

I hope you enjoy, So until they wish to make some more Die hard films,  here is the last and final part below, it’s been a blast.


My Body Transformation

For those of you who are currently unaware, I suffer, well not suffer, I manage the condition of body dysmorphia. I have a bad relationship with the mirror and not the best one with food either.

I already commented on this in another piece I wrote, which pretty much gave details on my diets over the past 10 years.

That post will pretty much indirectly take you through how my body has transformed over the years, especially over the last 3 with my better understanding of diet, health and fitness.

What I didn’t cover were the specific aspects of my diet. So I thought I’d share them here, to make the whole thing complete.


My diet Meal Plan regiment

It’s easy for me to tell you everything works but I will share with you what methods I stumbled upon, in order to lose my weight. This isn’t to say these are the best methods but they’re what ended up working at the time.

With the knowledge I’ve currently got, I ‘d be more inclined to try other roots but this will always be my backup because I ‘Know’ it works for me.

Remember, with my dysmorphia, phobia of the sclaes and general lack of calorie knowledge, I was pissing in the wind for a lot of this.

So this is what I was working with.


  1. Excessive exercise (more like a moderate exercise, a full body circuit for an hour or so a day, 4-6 days a week)
  2. Food portion control by size and type, typically bought and controlled in that manner
  3. My diet would have been relatively high in saturated fat just based on the preparation methods. So I would have been fairly paleo
  4. I entered a low carb or low starchy carb diet
  5. I guess I was an intermittent faster by default since I ate once a day.
  6. I would also eat dirty all the time
  7. Cheat at the weekends with alcohol


Like most people’s first diets, it’s nothing too fancy. As time went on I adjusted it slightly by .

  • Upping the exercise duration and difficulty,
  • Downsizing my overall calories
  • Eating more regularly
  • Increasing protein content
  • Making my food options cleaner as I went on (which subsequently meant I was taking in less calories)


but the rest pretty much stayed the same.

With regards to the goals, I had a couple of really weird ones I can’t quite remember but the rest went something along the lines of this


  1. I didn’t want to be able to see my nipples when I looked down.
  2. Six pack on show (full lower abs on show)
  3. Get in peak condition using body weight exercise alone.
  4. Get into the best shape of my life with old pictures of myself used as motivation
  5. Get ready for the Pamploma bull run.
  6. Going on holiday to Rio for the world cup with a friend of mine who has an amazing physique and trying to compete with them


It’s fair to say out of all of these, it was the 30th birthday landmark, the bull run and the comparison to fitter friends that motivated me the most. Who would have known vanity and being shit scared would be enough ditch the fat?

Go figure.


Personal tips and Motivation to help you on your Journey

No one likes the idea of a diet and because of this, many people falter on their way to getting their dream bodies. Even when armed with all the right information, it’s still very easy to get discouraged about the whole thing and quit.

So here are a couple of things I’ve found that will help you stick with it.

You may not need all of them but some might scream out to you as a good idea and if that’s all it takes to keep you on path, that’s good enough.


Concise version

So as I did with the breakdown of today’s most popular meal plans, I’m going to break up this post as well. Some of these will jump out to you as soon as you read them but if you want more information on any of them, simply click on the relevant picture to take you to that part of the site.


Do your research



Ask Questions – There’s no such thing as a Stupid Question


Stay away from Scam Personal Trainers for diet advice

Scam Personal trainers best diet tips


Don’t rely on food alone for your calorie deficit



Don’t worry about seeing or manipulating water weight



Don’t  be Afraid to Change Things up when progress stops

switch things up.

Eating Healthy and Diet Foods does not necessarily make you lose weight

Pay attention to calories and macros

diet tips diet foods do not automatically make you lose weight  .

Teach other people how to lose weight



Look the Part of the Guru

quotation_look_the_part-Sylvia-resized-image-400x260 .

It’s not a fucking race, take it slow or you’ll Yo-Yo


Be Free of Temptation and empty out your cupboards

Kick-Out-Junk-Food .

 Adopt new habits and behaviours using the ‘Law of Three’

diet tips the rule of three.

Do not show prejudice towards your macros or food choices


Keep a diet and fitness log.


Take Progress Pictures


Weigh out your food and portions for more process calorie/macronutrient calculations

weight out your food diet tip


Take a note of how you are preparing your meals and also your snacking habits



Don’t believe the Hype

miracle cure pill diet tips dont believe the hype


 Hydrate your fucking ass 14_Hydration02 .

Use a combinations of internal/external motivators



Don’t do it alone


Always Plan Ahead


Plan for the Unexpected


Be Consistent


That’s all folks

Phew I think I have exhausted pretty much all my knowledge on this subject, it’s amazing, this was only supposed to be one tiny single piece but the more got into it, the more I wanted to share. Life’s funny that way. If you have any questions on anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have no qualms with giving free advice, all this information I received for free anywho so it’s only fair and I would be happy to help.

So bon voyage on your journey to the new you, I look forward to seeing you all on the other side. 🙂 Thanks for reading everything and always remember



Epilogue: Just be Happy in your Own skin

After getting engrossed in this series, I’ve decided to change my view point on some things.

This writing project isn’t really about losing weight, it’s about being comfortable in the skin you are in. I would say don’t feel pressured to diet based on what you think society says you should look and feel like.

Certainly don’t let your figure have an impact on the way you feel about yourself (whether its positive or negative).

I’ve always said that within the average spectrum that most of us fit in, what really distinguishes a sexy person from another isn’t their bodies but their attitudes.

Most sexy people have this universal trait that they are comfortable with themselves and their bodies. So you’ll find they are sexy when they are larger and sexy as well when they are relatively smaller.

Because when it comes to that beautiful time when two people take their clothes off, there is nothing worse than another person being conscious about what the other person is thinking about them.

Life’s too short to worry about that and you should be focusing more on down right dirty shit that’s about to go down. Well that’s what I think anyway.