Don’t worry folks, it’s Ok to be racist again…

The Good days are coming back…

With the 2014 world cup looming and a batch of events highlighted in the media over the last couple of years, it has kinda got me thinking a bit about the current state of play with regards to racism…


Remember when saying something stupid in public cost you your job?

Back in the 1990s, you had the England football manager, Glenn Hoddle, who during a random interview, innocently made the following statement…


“My beliefs have evolved in the last eight or nine years, that the spirit has to come back again, that is nothing new, that has been around for thousands of years. You have to come back to learn and face some of the things you have done, good and bad. There are too many injustices around.”

“You and I have been physically given two hands and two legs and half-decent brains. Some people have not been born like that for a reason. The karma is working from another lifetime. I have nothing to hide about that. It is not only people with disabilities. What you sow, you have to reap.”

“You have to look at things that happened in your life and ask why. It comes around.”



Wap wap waaap waaaaaaa…


So after this came out, it wasn’t long before he had to give the Hoddle Waddle of shame…


Now, alot of  other mainstream faiths have a similar view to his, I believe most forms of reincarnation have similar attitudes  but even so, Glen Hoddle, who still has the third best England Managerial record in history, was forced to resign. Infact if challenged, he could probably have kept his job on religious persecution grounds. It’s a real toughie

Personally I think he only made one boo boo, he should have used race instead of disability. If this incident occurred today, he’d probably still be in the job now, since no one seems to really give a shit about racism anymore.

It’s not like in the days when Sports Commentator ‘Ron Atkinson’ was forced to retire because of these comments


Oh no, in this day and age, he’d probably get promoted to head our national foreign relations, especially with this blighter of a comment below


"I can't understand why there is such a population problem in China as they have the best contraception going: Chinese women are the ugliest in the world"

“I can’t understand why there is such a population problem in China as they have the best contraception going: Chinese women are the ugliest in the world”


Personally, I think the issue came from him thinking ‘Jackie’ Chan was actually a woman. We’ve all made that mistake Ron, we all have…



To fap or not to fap, that is the question?


So why has the issue  of racism in modern times appeared to have lost its….sting?

Further more is this a good or a bad thing?

Let’s have a sneak peak at ze facts


The Price of living in a racist society

Now alot of people will say dealing with racism is a big priority for them but quite simply, no one really gives a flying fuck.

It’s the same way most engineering companies will put safety down as one of their number one priorities, even though operating as safely as possible would mean very few of those companies could make money.




Racism, just like safety, is deemed a  risk, a side product of a multi-cultural world we now live in today but one that has no real benefit in being completely eradicated.  Instead it is managed, with empty promises of the agenda being at the forefront of our socio econommic issues to tackle.

However, it’s pretty much left  to simmer in plain sight, right underneath the surface, arguably where it is most dangerous. The powers that be just don’t want it to reach a flashpoint where  it spirals outta control like with the LA riots back in the 60s.

Like most governing bodies, they want to get away with doing as little as possible so they can concentrate on making MONEY

It appears over the last few years, they’ve reached this l effort/output equilibrium where our public response to anything is so muted, anyone could get away with pretty much doing anything.

You could could go on a genocide killing spree and you wouldn’t even make the evening news these days.

But where did this general indifference to racism stem from

Let’s have a look…


The desensitisation to racist language in modern culture

When asked what the main drivers are, easy hits are

  • The media
  • Advertising
  • The News
  • Entertainment (particular brands of comedy)
  • Globalization
  • Video Games (ya gotta blame video games for everything)
  • Economical unrest
  • National conflict, giving an increased sense of national identity
  • Nostalgic reflection of ‘better times’


Personally though, I feel it’s lost its sting because of modern day hip hop culture, which has embraced racist language as its own badge of honour. Using racist language to insult one another as accepted (yet bizzare) terms of endearment.

I would point fingers to musical  pioneers such as Snoop Dog, Puff Daddy, jay z  and Russel Simmons, Kanye West, Eminem and a a whole bunch of other idiots who watered down hip hop in order for mass consumption by the high disposable-income adolescent west. This made the music and language accessible  to those it wasn’t developed for,which is  always bound to cause issues.



The music sold by the bucket load becoming the fragment of modern culture itself, then people end up singing along and before you know it, the language has become cool and occult and ends up being inferred or used in everyday casual conversation without a blink of the eye, even by your nan.

I equate it to the same as walking into a police station waving a toy gun. Sure you mean no harm and were never going to hurt anyone but that won’t stop a law officer gunning your ass down.



Take the example below, A song called’ my nigga’ which was trending on the front page of youtube as a popular video when it was released earlier this year. Probably due to the rising influence of lil wayne and Niki Minaj’s guest appearances. You’ll find it also on itunes where young kids can have access to it. Heck, you’ll probably hear it blazing on everyday radio stations during your day or on your way to work with no one batting an eyelid.



So with songs like these charting highly all around the world, getting hours of  radio air time and being played in most clubs on a nightly basis, is it any wonder the lines are starting to get blurred in what is considered acceptable speech or not by everyday folk?

It’s such a shame the majority of the young mainstream who have adopted this language don’t really understand its bittersweet relevance in the community it comes from or the circumstances under how it originated. In parallel, it’s just as dangerous as getting your local wind up merchant to help you translate a phrase into another language.



Look, they spelt ‘Greece’ wrong, the idiots


In all seriousness though, the moment you utter those words from your mouth (regardless of what spelling you think you are using), you are 99% guaranteed to already be entering the offence zone. However , if in the cock soup situation, we tend to be more cautious with foreign  languages we don’t understand. The terminology in the racism case is in English and because it is not used in a clearly derogaroty way, we  fool ourselves into believing that language is acceptable in open circles.

To be fair, anything that is bound to insult on a grand scale is just asking for trouble and pleading ignorance  is still gonna land you in the shit.

Or is it?


Look at all these cool people being racist

You see recently, I’ve come to an ephiphany.

If you make substantial amounts of money for other rich people, you can pretty much say as much racist shit  you want and get away with it

Don’t believe me?


Look here at someone in line to the royal throne of England, being racist to a national defending his potential future crown


Look here at one of the most influential people in the automotive industry, being racist for no reason


lLok here at one of the biggest film stars of the 80s…being racist, out of chilvary


Look here at one of the biggest selling popstars of this current generation, being racist to impress a girl


Look here at one of the owners of the biggest basketball clubs in the world, being racist out of chivarly


Look here at paula deen, who said something so racist, she had to apologise..TWICE


Look here at one of the stars of the highest rating reality TV shows being racist



Is there a genuine reason for their language?

I’m not a purist who thinks there isn’t underlying conflict to all of this. I believe that a lot of racism is based on real life circumstances that have been perceieved wrongly. However these socio economic circumstances still occurred and are the root of alot of genuine distress people are going through, so it can manifest itself as irrational hatred if not dealt with. Our governing bodies don’t want to deal with these issues and because of that true racism will therefore never be weeded out.

But in pretty much all of the cases above, the aforementioned does not count.

None of these celebs are your run of the mill fearful working class individuals who are scared of the foreign couple next door with their weird dialects and smelly foods.

They aren’t worried about immigration,

They aren’t bitter about the hands they were dealt by life,

They aren’t worried about their churches closing down and mosques being built in their place

They aren’t at home worrying about their next pay check.

They haven’t seen their communities change into a desolate area of unemployment

They aren’t worried about that the lands their forefathers built will be all for nothing

They haven’t seen their neighbourhoods get flooded with crime and evolve into cest pits from the beautiful memories they had of them when they were young

They aren’t worried about their children mixing or even coming home with one of ‘them’

They aren’t worried their tax money is being spent on illegal immigrants who shouldn’t be here

They haven’t seen the increase in anti-social behaviour, violent crime and substance abuse come in with a wave of certain sectors of society

They didn’t see their parents lose their job to migrants of see their job roles get sent overseas due to them having a cheaper labour force.


They are all just self absorbed egotistical fucks, trying to be funny and/or shocking for the sake of it. At worst case, they are just a little dumb (especially the idiots infront of a camera).

that little bit cut off from the issue, probably due to having a lack of cultural friends during their upbringing and of course, all that gansta rap seeping through their veins.

These are the role models in our societies, the Spiderman and Batman equivalents, the crème de la crème. It doesn’t say much about the rest of us low lives…does it…


Our only hope for salvation…

My only hope came from this Finebros kids analysis on the cheerios commercial with the multi-racial family. An advert that was pulled due to the sheer insult of putting a multi racial family in a commercial.


When shown to a bunch of kids, they just couldn’t even identify the race related issue that got it pulled off the air.

The sample of kids was too diverse to put it down to parenting alone, it seems growing up in a multi-cultural smaller world is opening their eyes to ‘bigger’ issues and leaving the smaller ones behind.

It appears racism isn’t something you can just will out of society, not with an active campaign,  a passive approach and a fully integrated and mixed society will render it a mute point in the future.

So whether we like it or not, it IS going to get sort itself out.




Haters gon hate…

So with that, we should perhaps just accept its current state and move on, knowing it will inevitably be a concern that becomes irrelevant. We’ll find new ways to insult each other but race will no longer be its base.

Fighting it keeps it elevated and keeps it relevant. People who are inclined to should just ignore it and evolve to not take offence. Just like this footballer  Dani Elvers below, when he was thrown a banana by a taunting fan during a game…


Those who naturally can’t should think about it this way. When someone is trying to either be funny, shocking or relevant, that takes a priority over any offence they may be making. By registering it, you’re just feeding the troll then. By simply failing to register their comment as amusing, they will quickly move onto something else to regain their short stint of attention.




So with that, I say it’s fine to be racist now and don’t bother with all your cover ups and insincere apologies, the terms you use are dying ones. Your fight will eventually be lost on the grounds of irrelevance. THe kids of the future will make sure of that.

Even when it comes to political parties representing these stances, don’t fear, most political parties have very little power to actually do anything, especially when tied into international trade agreements, the United Nations, the European Union, the world bank and a billion other powerful private sector companies who really run things. Most governing bodies are paper pushers who are just ushering through policies that were put in place before most of them were born. It’s the way of the world. When push comes to shove no party has the gusto or the power to deliver what they want to as part of their manifesto, they all have to beat to the drums of the economists, whether they want to or not. Because of this, modern ‘radical’ parties don’t scare me. They shouldn’t scare you either, their hands are just as tied as the other ones. So don’t be fearful if you are seeing they are gaining momentum in any election, they are all still puppets to the system.




So with that, be as racist as you want, infact, celebrate the next time your boss asks you to do something….gently turn around to him and whip this one out…


nigga please


You just might find they give you the afternoon off for being so epic..

Don’t say I don’t offer any good advice