Quote of the Year 2012

First of all, if anyone is interested, I will post links to my Other ‘Quote of the Year’ Pieces for reference

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This is a super duper late entry but I have found myself a quote of 2013 and I am unable to post it until I have dealt with the backlog. So with that I shall try and remember what the greatest thing I heard of 2012 so I can put this shit forward


Now considering I can barely remember what Pants I put on this morning (actually am I even wearing pants?), this may take longer than I expected.


Oh right, I’ve got something I can go with, let’s jet people.

Classy Line

Alot of people seem to interpret class as something you are somewhat born into.


While this may be the strictest form of it, I do believe people have their own inherent class system. You find that not all people are slaves to their society upbringing.

  • You find trampy  poor aristocrats
  • Capitalist communists
  • Multi-cultural racists
  • Charities with more ruthless  growth strategies than FTSE 100 companies
  • Socialist business people
  • working class individuals with a real strong regal presence.
  • Highly religious biggots etc

The best examples from fiction I can find from this are probably Niles and Fraser crane, whom were on the tv show named after the latter, who clearly were the offspring and upbringing of a grafter hunter-gatherer but managed to be almost alien to their father in the way they ended up so…..damn…..poncey….. 🙂


Basque in the tiny teacup sibling….basque…

Saying that, I do think the American system is easier to transgress class because the boundaries are not as clearly defined as they are in other European systems but I don’t want to digress too much, this piece is already nearly a year overdue…

The key point is that class manifests itself in alot of things and not necessarily one’s background. Where you come from only has a small impact on who you actually are, your candour, your integrity, your tastes, generally the way you carry yourself and the way your see the world.

For me, that is a better definition of someone’s class and you may find a variety of classes under one household.

Now I know class has more to do with this and alot of people ultimately see it as more of life expectations and what doors are easily accessible for people to transgress through but we’ll screw over that tangible side of it for now and look at purely the abstract.

So with that, I was talking to an individual last year who firmly claims to be working/lower class, yet her tastes and speech and vocabulary are anything but. Dare I say when they are in full tilt, they are one of the most grandiloquent individuals I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with (conversing is one of my odd things, don’t sue me).

Their favourite topic at the time seemed to be the sheer defiance of the British Conservative party and the Coaliton’s government’s regime to rid the world of all the good that the labour party had provided. They had a particular hate of a certain prime minister who ‘riled’ them up with any attempt they had to align themselves with the common man since they had no fucking clue with their life long private education and red carpet employment history

So It came the time for me to highlight this notion to them one day when they were dutily defending the rights of the working class with as much sincerity as David Cameron on a bike

And I looked them straight in the eye when they were  deeply engorged in their sanctimonious rant when I stopped them and highlighted

They weren’t lower class, they were upper middle class.

Now you would think that in this situation, the average lower class person would probably shiv ya with a crushed tinny on the table, while spitting in your face and singing a shorter version of the Liverpool’s Anfield park anthem (You’ll never walk alone) but what came out of their mouths was quite possibly the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.




Instantly the figure transformed infront of my eyes to the Iconic Margot from the good life and I couldn’t help but bring myself to laugh.


If ever there was an ironic answer to disprove someone’s working class nature and highlight their inherent toffness, that was probably it. If we were playing family fortunes ‘what utter crust’ would definitely not be a choice on the board of possible expected responses to that comment.

Worst of all, they found nothing wrong with that retort and continued on blindly into another rant completely lost to my private musings, while pouring themselves another glass of Champagne purchased in the local pub (This is another gem of a story where the bar staff didn’t even know how to open the bottle, good times were had that night).

It was then I realised that the universe is a great thing and it gives people so much, so much that they don’t even realise most of the time.

In anycase, I hope it just helps reitierates that we are not all slaves to our nature.

We all have the possibility of reaching our escape velocities and growing into something else entirely, even if we don’t believe it ourselves and especially when  we don’t eve realise we’ve already managed it.

Cheers….or should I say..Toodle Pip?