Short and elementary, my dear watson…part 39…

To De-rail a potential World leader, you have to start early…


That’s all for today class, any questions?


Ok…..Gary, shoot

In capitalism, the entire function of doing something is in order to make growing amounts of profit

Which means either increasing a market’s capacity to consume a product and/or  reducing supply and also cutting production costs to increase value.

With regards to the latter, the biggest costs to any organisation is human resources

So ultimately  the best way to run an organisation is with as few people working there as possible and all systems being automated. One step before this  is to outsource to cheaper labour sources via globalization which is effect, enslaving of people within their owns socio economic  band, not allowing them to develop as the west has since they will always be ingrained support structures (as long as their currency remains weak and their governments would rather save  via investments in the American dollar). but I won’t digress

Now as part of a civilization, we are all expected to provide in our communities and work. Also as a community, we are growing in number all the time.

As a collective, we are all required to work equally, not necessarily on similar tasks, but to provide equal amounts of input into society in order to further its progress as a collective. The notion, ‘we are only as strong as our weakest link is one that comes to mind’.

Due to the birth of technology and medicine we, no longer function as part of a habitat environment, no longer  in unison with our surroundings. Our ability to transport resources over a wide range of distances as well as survive in remote places in the world andlive for longer, has meant that there is no longer a form of balance/control to our populous sizes which have now meant we have settlements in the tens of millions all situated in similar areas.

So my question is, if as a civilization we are increasing in numbers and we are all supposed to work, and we assign ourselves to a capitalist system which ideally should look to hiring as few people as possible to lower costs…

How are we supposed to thrive in a society that derives itself on such conflicting socio-economic doctrines?


How…how could you know all this….at your age….?

Sorry but I er…read ahead…

Read ahead?





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