Balls to the wall S’update


So out of no fault of my own entirely, I have managed to double my workload in just over a week.

Coming from probably the laziest person you’ve ever laid your eyes on, this is quite the insane notion.

But for some reason it’s all kinda coming to together as part of the plan

You see, I started in my new job over six months ago and I am supposed to be on a rotational basis. Which I first believed would suit me fine, more rotation, more goodness for everyone involved.

But I actually LIKE my position and here I feel as though I have some value at least and work with colleagues that give some hoops what I think at the very least.

So I decided to stay and I need to formulate a plan to do so. Or at least that is what I thought

Due to some reason, the person who was here before was up to his eyeballs in a system of his own creation and has for some reason decided to go awol with the entire thingie, Call it a selfless act of abadoning ship when the shit hits the fan so to speak.

so up steps me to carry his workload, and all of his shit, in an attempt to try and rescue Kyrpton before it explodes.


except he left it in a state of an aircraft toilet after the guy who is spilling over three seats has gone in after downing his eighth glass of free beer and his fourth plane food, with arms so tiny, he couldn’t wipe his own ass even if he could find it with a GPS.

The entire thing seems impossible and I work with a lot of older members of society, old members who are incredibly busy and also are stuck in their ways and don’t want to adapt to a new situation. Even is something is entirely screwed, they will prefer to keep it that way and moan about it rather than to actually fix the problem. That’s human kind all over though.

But this is only attributing to half of my work load.

You see, one day at work, we got this email to take part in a ‘fun competition thingie’ where my company assembles a team to take part in a virtual challenge. As part of my induction, we took part in a similar challenge where we all ran a set of business’ in a virtual market and all of our decisions would interfere with everyone else’s decisions.

I took part in it and frankly I loved it, possibly because I got to take part in a marketing role which is completely different from anything that I normally do. And if you know me, you would know that I hate marketing people more than anyone else in the world (or is that advertising, I can’t quite remember,I will get back to you on that one). But my role of a marketing guru was definitely a change of pace and an interesting one to take up.

So I have taken up all my additional free time building this logical system which should help my team win. Unfortunately though, we had our first meeting and the majority of the team already know each other and there was some senior management idiots there who suggested that the head of the graduate focal group ‘who happened to nominate herself’ put her hand up and be team leader. This was after they happily suggested that we should go round the table and introduce ourselves and give an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, and they got amnesia 48 seconds later.

So without even an introduction, the leader was accessed and poor lil me with my corrosion role was given the most mundane job since i was so idiotic, i would ‘obviously’ have no idea how to run a project. But I have a plan to surprise them all.

Anway, more of that later.

At the moment my boss has currently gone on holilday, wooooooooooo but she have given me infinite jobs to do while she is away, booooooooooooooooo, and one of them is due pretty much now, so I am totally fucked but I can’t help just wanting to update this poor lil page because it has been neglected for all so long and my poor stats have gone through the shitter.

But like the phoenix through the ashes, hopefully by mid august things will have calmed down abit to let me FINALLY finish off my music month and get on with the four hundred other pieces I have started but not yet finished.

Oh and I’ve also had a birthday too, mildly low key. I didn’t manage to shoot off to go racing with bulls as expected because my workload went through the roof but there is always next year i suppose, plus I get to use those days for another time in the year so all is well.

So yes, I am busy and I apologise for neglecting everything but life is good/shit at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way (unless it had more additions of shit/awesomeness in equal measure).

So with that, I have to at least look busy until the guy who I owe work forgets and leaves the office or bends me over my desk and gives me a pen island special butt sandwich.

Oh to Live and Die in Aberdeen, it’s the place to be…