A world without (super)heroes… my increasingly growing indifference to the movie and comic genres

A trip down memory lane

Throguhougt my youth, I only really wanted to see one thing on the big screen, and that was my schoolboy idol come to life.


I grew up watching spiderman in all its versions and when I finally heard it was going to be a film, I was so excited

I was even more exicited when I saw the first trailer with the two towers.

Back then the internet was a hunk of crap, and my family home were still on dial up. I waited about an hour and a half to see the full 90 second trailer, watching it countless times at half a second intervals until the whole thing played out in full.

I was super excited when Nickel back’s hero showed increasingly more clips from it.

and I probably dropped dead when on my last day of exams, in my first year of uni, I went to watch it and the ending was just….perfect,

When he finally started web swinging for the first time, like a child learning to take their first steps and you are with them all the way

and when the hero learnt his greatest lesson didn’t get the girl

That was just over ten years ago but I remember crying when I left the cinema thinking

‘They did it, they actually did it’.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge critique of spiderman’s recent film depictions and even though I think they did it, They did tons of things wrong or oversimplified/overcomplicated a whole lot more. But this was the first time the character had been brought to light and they kept a large chunk of his essence.I was pleased and it was good and ultimately I was greatful that had even brought it about, so I took what I could get and was very happy with my serving of good with the bad.

You can’t live in the past all your life

But that was in 2002. The world was a different place completely, apart from from 70s and 80s DC films, marvel had only released x-men and blade previously. The oversaturated market we know now wasn’t even a market.

Even the term, superhero movie had yet to exist. No one knew just how well Spiderman was going to do or what it would open up for others films of its kind

But wow, we definitely aren’t in kansas anymore.

This year saw the release of the Avengers, a flagship piece for marvel after 4 years and a five film build up. Written and directed by arguably the master of team ups in the biggest selling superhero film of all time and the top five films ever.

And to follow up we have the sequel to the most critically acclaimed superhero film, the Dark knight, which is also in the top  ten grossing films of all time, both

Both of these films are billion dollar babies easily and people would be upset if they didn’t hit these marks. Those kinda numbers can’t rely on fans alone and need great writing, great casts and a great story to fuel it.

So I then now ask myself.

Where has my draw for a spiderman reboot gone?


I firstly don’t see a particularly strong draw or cast but most importantly, the need for an origin story and reboot just ten years after the initial one.

A story with an entirely new cast and the introduction of the lizard as a villain in a brand new franchise with no previous build up or secret mastermind who is likely to be anyone other than Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin (which have both been screened already).

So why bother:?

I keep thinking to myself, ‘Will my life really change if i watch this film’?

I should be pumped with the same level of excitement I had ten years ago bu I think my whole draw for the franchise started to swoop after either watching the third spiderman or x-men.

I used to be a member of a superhero forum where I made up to 150 posts a day, and have posted solidly on the most anal topics.

Now we have a costume change, an introduction of web shooters and some snappy dialogue shown to us, all things the other film lacked and I ranted on about for years  and all I can think of is


I mean earlier this year, I watched Thor knock the shit out the Hulk in slow mo with Mjlornir. In 2001, I never believed either would get their own film, let alone star in the same one and FIGHT.

In 2001, I would watch anything. I would watch a tramp lick turd off a stamp remotely shaped like a spider and thank my stars and garters for the opportunity.

But recently, even films like the mighty Watchmen got boycotted out of indifference. Even the draw of catwoman and bale don’t keep me interested too much in the new Batman film. The doubly muffled voices of the two male leads certainly doesn’t help matters.

and This problem just doesn’t stop at the films, I buy a superhero comic now, a big block buster event equivalent and I blast through it in just under an hour and think …..

‘Is that it?’.

Has the quality of these things as they become utilised as cash cows, gone down soooo much with time, or Is this what it means to grow out of something?

I never thought this day may come but I think I might be done with the whole thing.

Could I now be facing living in a world without heroes?

What a depressing thought that is…