My favourite Porno

Here we go again

Awhile ago, I went into great detail to describe to you my very first real orgasmic experience.


Voila if you are interested in catching up


Since it’s been one of my most viewed pieces, I thought I would follow it up with a similar subject to get all your juices flowing. You all appear to be interested in finding out the nitty gritty, inside private parts about me, so I will cater to my audience.


Don’t give me ‘that’ look

If any of you are groaning at this moment in time, I ask for you to bare with me. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome ūüôā .

So with that and considering that the majority of the internet is used for pornography anyway, I’ll share with you a¬† piece of footage that really gets my juices flowing. I hope that it gets your juices flowing too.

An orgasm shared is definitely not an orgasm halved in this case.


Prelude (or should that be Prelube)

Before I delve in, I want to talk about the most important (and probably most overlooked) part of pornography for me which is intimacy. Infact, I’ll take a step back and say it’s the initial intent of intimacy

Back in the days of yore,  people would crave the notion of potential intimacy in their porn. It was all about the set up. Over time, this has faded and we have all evolved into our current voyeuristic nature.

In the generation of ‘now now now’,¬†subtlety and emotional gratitude has been replaced with smut and especially shock tactics.

This is because of two things.

We have oversaturated ourselves with the use of the internet and new and different has long replaced fundamental substance.

More importantly,¬†people don’t have the time to invest in scenes when simply getting from¬†A to¬†B (or should that be A to the big¬†O) is all that’s required. There’s no point investing in a build up if people are just going to skip to the ol nitty gritty anywho.



We no no longer care for the titillation but are rather fixated on the extreme close-ups and ungodly manners of coital expression.

But I’m old fashioned and¬†genuinely do believe less is more. There is far more to gain from the subtleties than with the vulgarities.

This is still why I firmly believe that a kiss, a real god damn great kiss is far far better than any sexual act.

If you don’t believe me, read this first. then try the latter without the former.

So now we’re all on the same wavelength, let’s push forward


The Grand Unveiling

The scene I am talking about is Walter Lang’s 1956 five-time Oscar winning masterpiece, The King and I, It’s based off 1944 novel by Margaret Landon. The Characters of Anna and the King are Portrayed by Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner respectively, the latter who won an Oscar for his breath taking performance.



The¬† scene¬† in question is the one¬†where the character Anna, teachers the King of Siam, to dance. All performed to the musical number ‘Shall we Dance’, written by Richard Rogers.



Eh, that’s not PORN :-/

Some of you may find this strange that my favourite porn scene has nothing prolifically pornographic about it. Actually it has nothing specifically erotic about it either. Infact you could watch this in a room with children and adults of all ages, heck even with your parents and kids and not feel uncomfortable in the slightest.

But its intensity cannot be ignored.

The reason most don’t see it is because the pornographic nature is completely implied. It plays out in the minds of those highly suggestive to it.¬† And it does this via the interpretation of the dance. The dance itself or the build up to the dance is the key to manifesting the deep hidden intimacy of the fellow characters and this is what¬†makes the whole thing incredibly incredibly sexy.

So let me talk you through it


Every Sordid Detail

The scene starts with Anna painting a picture of courtship.

The notion of meeting a devilishly attractive stranger, something boiling up inside her and being uncontrollably drawn to them and wanting more. This manifests with her imagining her first contact with this person. In a dance, a dance which may end in one song but she hopes will last the entire evening and hopefully turns into something else, something far more passionate.

The notions of what those thoughts would eventually lead to, sets her off instinctively to dance on her own. You can tell her body has gone into auto pilot as she is simple reacting to the emotional build up inside her. While she dances, she closes her eyes and appears to give in to temptation, succumbing to the rhythmic movement of her body, personifying this in delightful abstract expression.

All the time, the King of Siam has latched onto her with a gaze which is unshakable. He¬† appears to catch sight of something, so rare and so pure, he can’t blink, like he’s seen her light for the very first time and it encapsulates his every thought.

Anna¬† soon realises she is being watched, becomes self conscious, comes to her senses and then stops, to the King’s dismay.

Realising the social taboo at the time, she unveils dancing solo isn’t the right etiquette for a lady and but the king suggests he can join her¬† if she teaches him. Perhaps a ploy to keep his glare on her¬† since he mentions how beautiful she looks when dancing.

The scene then takes a light turn while she initially teaches the King of Sian the basics but after quickly learning¬†the steps, the King wishes to change the pace and do it ‘European Style’, in a close tightly locked embrace. Anna overwhelmed with the possibility ,gasps and steps back. She’s clearly thought about it before but never thought the opportunity would present itself.

Her breathing turns heavy to compensate for her shock…and excitement over what might happen next..

Their eyes lock, and he approaches her with a rigid hand stretched out infront of him,  slowly moving closer until it envelops her waistline and  firmly pulls her in close.

He asks her if his posture is correct¬† and verifies he’s in the right place. She exhales ‘Yes‘ in perhaps the most, filled up, content and satisfied manner possible, as if she had been waiting since the birth of the universe for this very moment.

He asks her to come¬† (and she obliges ūüėČ ) as he begins to whisk her away on the dancefloor.

He flings her around the circular room in the most elaborate, energetic and dominant  manner possible. As he does, Anna succumbs to him fully, on this magical journey of their only honest communication about their feelings.

It ends with her being released from him and shot across the room¬† to a nearby pillar, which she grasps tightly while¬† panting furiously to regain her breath and composure. . She stares at him in awe from across the room overwhelmed by what he’s just done to her. He then re-approaches, slolwly and takes her off again to dance and feel once more.



Inch by Inch Dissection

Now the dance in this whole scene is used to signify intimacy in its purest state.

The initial part of the song is clearly dirty talk with Anna coming over with lustful thoughts, all that lead her to her own first solo dance, presumed to be an initial individual foreplay of sorts.

The King’s watching her is a sense of voyeurism, used as a metaphor for his own lustful thoughts building up and perhaps his own version of self play.

Her being taken by the King is self explanatory but the real details are in the way he approaches her with his hand, their eye contact and the way her breathing changes throughout this ordeal, similar to the initial moments of some other extra curricular activities.

The fact Yul is in his colouful royal attire but he has his manly bare chest out and striding around her like a peacock¬† also isn’t of any light coincidence. Plus Deborah is in that AMAZING dress, which only just holds her in and you can sense her every breath is going to bust her out of it at a moment’s notice if she gives in to her erratic heart beat. Yet regardless of it, she glides across the dancefloor with such effortless and ease

That’s not even bringing in the class aspects of this scene. Even though the King of¬†Sian is royalty, he isn’t yet refined as Anna and him taking her is often associated with a posh bird having a bit of rough so to speak. The allure of mating outside of your own social class is something that alot of people aspire to achieve, especially in europe where we have a more pronounced class culture. The fact it’s the only true communication between the two entities that come from different worlds and speak different languages is¬† a noticeable factor as well. Sex afterall is a universal language that needs no interpreter to understand.


The money Shot

The scene literally has all the elements of something you may wish for in an erotic encounter, without of course rendering itself as solely that. It conjures up perfectly the manifestation of this intimacy or the potential for intimacy that we all strive for, it’s this potential that is the building block and one of the driving cursors for evolution as a whole.

It’s the missing link between what we have and what we want and life’s ultimate launching pad to get us there.

Like an iceberg out at sea, There’s definitely far more to this scene than originally meets the eye.



Post Coital Seratonal Bliss

If similar subtleties in life seem to glance you over, then what chance do  you have of truly harbouring the beauty of the moment, if it were ever to pass nearby?

It certainly makes me wonder.

All in all, this scene has my heart racing like no others and seeing the overwhelming dominance of one force over another, for just an instant, is quite breath taking.

So now you have seen it through my eyes, I ask to watch it again and see whether it conjurse up the same exhilaration in yourselves.¬† I’m sure it may leave you just as satisfied



So there it is, erotica at its finest. All I have to say now is thank you, thank you very much