My landmark 200th post and a review of the last century of dribble

200th Post!!!

Wow, this was certainly easier and quicker to get to than the first hundred.



Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has ever visited my page and has ever enjoyed anything I’ve written. You make the whole thing worthwhile. Please never be shy to give positive or negative feedback. I cant grow alone.

Secondly I will share something with you. Looking back at my earlier work, my writing style has changed and I’m not sure that I enjoy reading through my newer pieces as I did before.

Originally when I started this, it was supposed to be a way of engaging people to think differently about various things. There was no real coherency about it and while alot of people would see the mix of topics a strength, in a consumer market where people come to expect certain things, it may be seen as a downfall.

But people do seem to enjoy the shorts, and I’ve gathered more active followers over this hundred so I am happy to keep that going on a side burner.

I will say, have a glance at the music month section (longest month ever), there’s actually a lot of personal insight into me as a concept if that’s your sort of thing.

Also unfortunately due to work, I can’t commit to writing long pieces as regularly as I did before. But I will try my best to improve the quality of my pieces to compensate for this.


The best of the last 100

So with my first Century post, I gave you a rundown of my favourite ten pieces from them all, with some added background to it.


Here it is


As I did before, I will give you a countdown of my favourite ten pieces from this batch, with some director’s cut insight into them..

I will keep my favourite shorts and music month contributions separate for their own anniversary pieces so I will keep this as anhomage to my writing of old.


10. 2012 the year of nothing

This piece was inspired by an advert I saw around the end of last year and rather than set out a usual list of resolutions, , I decided to dedicate the year to a concept.

Due to the Mayan prediction of the end of the world, it would be one of not leaving anything behind and making the best out of it. The idea fit in with the advert so I wrote a story about it, hopefully it provided the right positive mental attitude. I wanted to inspire you all to make  2012 the best year yet. It certainly hasn’t been bad for me so far. I can go out 95% happy.


9. Intelligently designed to suffer

This piece started off as a beautiful sentence one of my colleagues told me. ‘I am the best and worst of my horrible father and wonderful mother respectively’. So I built a piece around this. However, I didn’t want to make it dreary so I took a positive spin on it. Finally I wanted to highlight that alot of people don’t take full responsibility for getting themselves out of difficult situations and rely too much on outside influences. So I took the greatest example of this and magnified this. This really isn’t an anti-religious piece, rather an anti-defeatist piece. I hope it comes across that way.


8. Colourless green eyes sleep furiously

This piece is built around Sarah Connor’s last monologue in Terminator 2. It’s a real tale that takes you around my thought process and takes two unrelated pieces and merges them together with some unexpected ease. I must say when I wrote it, I didn’t know the outcome of the piece but it literally came to me seconds before I posted it and I feel it’s authenticity shines through it.


7. There are two suicides to every love story (part 1 and  part 2)

Collectively the longest pieces I’ve ever written and probably the hardest to do so. I’m not particularly an emotional person but I had a real hard flog to bring these pieces to life. A friend of mine had accidentally written ‘always look on the bright suicide (instead of side) of life’. I thought this was a brilliant play of words and wanted to adapt it into a piece. I thought the greatest canvass would be a breakup situation, so i embarked to create two characters who would share different aspects of the pain they caused themselves by staying with one another, from each of their unique perpsectives.

The real key was to get the balance of afflicted and self afflicted abuse. I wanted to layer in as many invisible scars into each of the characters as possible.  It was hard to stay neutral and to compile the different types of pains from the different parties but I think it works. If you have a spare 20 mins, I’d give them both a go. It’s probably my best work.


6. The friend philosophy face off

This is just a piece about two people and how they have reacted to each over across roughly 20 years. Not necessarily the custom friendship that most people have or would idolise but one that is just as necessary for people to function. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that often and perhaps this is the reason why people end up taking the wrong turns in life because their support group lack this particular entity. Regardless, you may decide that you’ve had a dynamic in your life similar to the one described, I just hope it helps change your perspective on said individual because they are a vital piece of the jigsaw.


5 I think I killed someone, the paw thing

I enjoyed writing this piece purely based on the rollercoaster of emotions involved. It has a little bit of everything and not necessarily in the way you’d expect it. If you end up laughing or crying in parts you wouldn’t expect, then it’s done its job. It’s really just a story on the little dead ends life takes you to on your path to success. If any of you have anything similar tales in your repetoir, please feel free to share.


4 The alluring draw of the stubborn nutcase

A wise person once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When coupled with over achievement and an obsession to obtain value in life, it becomes a dangerous potent mixture. I wanted to write a piece about what it means for people to be driven to the point of obsession and perhaps something about old fashioned values. Then I wanted to kinda wrap it into a darkish children story. So I came up with this. Apart from bits of the ending, it doesn’t feel like I wrote it so it’s one of the ones I get to appreciate as a reader without over critiquing it as usual.


3 My ten commandments

A real chilled out piece here. Like I said, alot of people do silly things for silly reasons, and we all adopt an attitude that isn’t necessarily in our or everyone else’s best interest. Most of these rules are based off old religious beliefs that have filtered down into social and legal law/etiquette. But alot of it is based off deterring people from doing bad. There isn’t much about encouraging people to either sort their own shit out or just be nice. So I wrote a lil something that would hopefully tip the balance based off my own experiences. If you see one worth adopting, take and spread it, I’ve already got my halo and wings.


2 Domestic abuse at its most terrable

I wanted to write a piece about global warming but I thought I wouldn’t write one in the similar vain as everyone else. Lately on television they have been doing campaigns to give people awareness of domestic abuse around them. Not only from an outsider’s perspective but from the point of view of the victim or culprit as well. The advert seemed to suggest that most people don’t necessarily see their actions as abuse at the time and justify it. Since domestic abuse is something that always stops people in their tracks and providing a canvass of communication between ourselves and the planet, I wondered what the earth would say about our relationship with it. The piece itself never reveals this until the last picture of a abused planet but there are countless references throughout the piece to give it away. I think it has a lot of re-readability to it and hopefully knowing what it’s about you can go through it and say ‘ah, i get that reference’. In the end, I hope the overwhelming message perseveres.

1 Absolutely Hughessless

Probably my favourite piece ever, it brings such a smile to my fave. I was once googling ‘spooning’ for another piece and I found this picture by a tattoo artist called Sylvadine. I stared at it for a solid 10 minutes and just fell in love with it, along with the rest of her artwork. The relationship of the lady elena with the other male is just….bliss. It encapsulates everything about romance I’ve ever believed in and everything about a relationship I’ve always wanted. I was compelled to write something about it. Just the poem, alongside the slideshow, is enough to warms my cockles.

For those who wonder whether I long to be Elena or ‘Hugh’ in this story, I’ll give you some insight….I technically want to be both 😮 Dum Dum DUUUUUUM!!!!

So there you have it

Some insight into the mind of the writer, hopefully this will help bring out the pieces and if not, I’ll just have to write another hundred to piss you all off.

Thanks again, and I’ll see you back here at the next century, woop woop.