Short and Inventive..part 29

I’d buy that for a Dollar

Dear Dragons, Thank you for meeting with me today

My name is Samuel Franklin and I’m here to ask you for£ 350,000 for a 12% share in my new business.

It will literally change the world

Firstly, I will ask you, Do you know of an older relative who may suffer from back pain from constantly bending to pick up things, or reaching for high cabinets..

Well my invention will revolutionise the industry and bring them instant relief to the pain.

My idea was simple and came to me in the bath…

Why don’t we……Just…..

Kill them All….. 🙂

Sam, do you think it was wise to come to your psychiatric parole meeting without taking your medication?

I take it you won’t be investing then Dr Ruterschmidt

Not until you put some pants on Mr Franklin…


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