Technical difficulties Regarding Comments *sob*

Dear ALL,

It seems I have run into some technical difficulty on this place

While I have been ever trying to grow as a blogger and get connected to all of you other writers, It would seem that my comments are being marked as Spam.

The Clever bastards at Askimet who work hard to keep spam off our pages have decided that I am indeed a robot. While they are accurate at hypothesising my emotional state, I am not a spamming robot.

The consequence of this is that my posts are not coming through to your pages. I can’t even put up a note on the forum asking for help because (you guess it), it’s being marked as Spam there too.I apologise and I ask for you to do me a favour.

I will be posting comments on your pages and if you could mark them as not spam, it will re-teach the Askimet system that I am indeed a real boy, like pinnochio.

Hopefullly then, I can start to interact with you all and your pages in a more productive manner.

Making Comments on my page

Some of you may experience the same thing and your posts may not appear on my page, so to keep this from happening, I ask that you place the number 616 somewhere inside your future comments to me, so I can easily filter them through the comments to find them.

Please do, I always prefer a comment to a ‘like’ or to a ratings review.

Hopefully I shall be speaking to you all more often very soon.




If you would like to use this opportunity to advertise your own blog to myself and the rest of my viewers, you are more than welcome to. Just add a link to one significant post you’ve written and I personally promise to comment on it and give feedback. Let’s just hope you can find it in the Spam section (make sure to do a username search to find it).


Do any of you experience problems on this site and how do they generall affect your overall experience of being on here?