How society instantly judges you based on entirely pointless factors (part 1)

What’s in a Name? Would a Lilly by any other name, still be as deadly?

In modern day life, apart from your physical appearance, you are instantly judged based on a few incredibly simplistic things. Here are the very first ones that spring to mind when getting to know someone for the first time.

  • Your Name

  • Your Age

  • Where you come from

  • What you do

These are the foundations or the building blocks the majority of people will require from you once they try to pigeon you into some safe perception of yourself.

The (or more specifically my) reality

My first and lasting impression of this always comes from my childhood memories of watching Blind date, where Cilla Black would ask the contestants to introduce themselves to the audience and also the the people at home. However, none of this information would be used or even heard by the person doing the picking, hence rendering the entire part of the show completely and utterly pointless. If you can’t remember this show, here’s our Graham with a quick reminder (and a celebrity one to boot)

Now I’ve always found this information completely trivial as normal initial conversations with strangers don’t get people to unnaturally divulge this sort of dribble when eying up a potential spouse.

The mating game from my POV

From memory of my drunken slurrings in a loud club, you would simply ask someone if they are alright, to which a lady would drunkenly scream her retort at a high deafening pitch (clearly some vodka and diet coke induced xena-esque war cry) into your bleeding perforated eardrum. So you wouldn’t have a Scooby Doo if she was having the time of her life or if she’d been stabbed through the foot with broken glass. But you’d nod and smile regardless. 🙂 Then you’d ask if she had a partner and you’d either get a nadda, a long winded pity talk about how rubbish he is or get a yes and a punch in the face. Then you’d spend the rest of the evening regardless of the answer trying to inadvertently beg for any physical contact with them (or at least this is how it would look to a sober on-looker, regardless of how smooth you thought you were being).

I mean I sometimes do wonder how the hell we managed to climb our way to the top of the food chain with such primitive and inefficient mating rituals. Who knows where we would be without Mr Daniels and drunken texts to help us out.


In that environment, A name is nothing more than an afterthought and I could give two hoots about what someone does for a living. One’s profession has absolutely no bearing on anything. This isn’t like the zodiac where two professions are supposed to be more evenly matched than others. I wouldn’t pass on a good opportunity with someone just because they were officer, a rat catcher,Oprah’s labia steamer or even *Gasp* an accountant (it’d be fucking close though).

What people do for work (or what they studied) has mostly no relevance on who they are as a person. I’ve met horrible doctors, teachers who hated kids, pacifists in the army and highly religious people who worked in abortion clinics.Don’t get me started on the duality of most charity workers either.

Not many people are blessed with the ability to live to work, or have the opportunity to follow their dreams or indeed are trying to change the ancient perceptions of organisations from the inside out. So trying to assess them on their job is a p0intless exercise.

I like setting polar bears in heels on fire and farting Mozart in D minor

It reminds me of these dating sites and when people are asked to describe themselves and they then go into telling you what their favourite films, shows and music selections are like.

All of a sudden, hanging out with friends watching telly and going to the gym are now classed as hobbies for those who are now inclined to stretch out hobbies to make themselves seem palatable. And in an attempt to separate yourself out to stand out as an individual you upload pics of yourself in every single geographic region you’ve ever been.

Even the pics of when you drove through france for the duty free booze are added to your collection to make you seem more ‘out there’.

Firstly, isn’t this stuff everyone pretty much does anyway.

I mean we all blink but we don;t have to mention it as a hobby (I’m carol and I like blinking and breathing, not neccesarily in that order though, LOL (come to the front of the class, you’ll go far lassie, have a cookie)).

Secondly Who gives a flying fuck?

Since when was the last time you dumped someone or was incredibly attracted to them because they still shared a deep love for Gary glitter tunes,(I dare your righteous drunken foot to not ta itself out to this bugger.)

or extreme glacier downhill ironing, or you both thought that the actress that played aunt viv originally in fresh prince of Bel air was better than her replacement???


The truth of the matter is that these things really dont matter at the forefront of a relationship and are either added at the end to compound an initial opinion already adopted. So what really does count at the end of the day? Well I am going to try and find out

Social Experiment

So here is the thing, for the short term, I am going to embark on a tiny experiment to see how long I can interact with someone new without giving them any real insight into me as a person.

In a sense, I am pretty much going to try and be as close to myself as possible without providing any tangible stereotypes people can judge me by.

So to the unknown I will be nameless, without jobs or hobbies, and without as much I can manage.

I will see if this has any impact on how people relate back to me and will write up the response to it later.

Further more, I will try and establish how far I can get without anyone caring If you would also like to know how this would feel, give it a go and let me know the results, but until then, watch this space…


For those of you who are wondering, about the title, I’m feeling a lil Shakespeare-y these days.

It’s a play on words of a from Romeo and Juliette given by the main lady on her balcony

Lilly is the cat who tries to kill me on a daily basis with her feline secretions…. and she got 200 watts of defrosting for 15 seconds for her troubles

Since I am so benevolent Hence the play on words in the title

And for all of you out there who are viewing this picture in high concerns for the cat, don’t worry, i will answer the question on all of your minds right now.

Yes, Yes, she did taste good with chips.

Never say I don’t do you readers any favours.