Why the Hulk was Incredible and Smashed it in the Avengers (Spoilers ahead)

No spoil film for HULK

I know alot of you may not have seen the film yet so for all those people, I would advise you to ‘like’ the comment, leave it for now and to come back to it after you’ve watched the film.

UPDATE: SPecial Treat

Before I start, I have acquired an animated gif of the infamous ‘puny’ scene.

If anyone would like it, click on this link

Meaner and Greener

The avengers is a great piece of filming in its own right and while man of the other characters have their chances to shine, there is one character who literally smashes it

That is the HULK.

Hulk Shy

For a large part of the initialadvertising process, the hulk was initially left out of it. Even in the promotional footage beforehand, there wasn’t much emphasis on hulk playing that large a role in the film. Even preview shots of the team only had Banner with a tint of green around him while the others were all suited and booted

Maybe because they were worried of dodgy CGI being released before it was ready, maybe it was because there wasn’t much vigour to see him after his last two outings, who knows?

So you can imagine when the Superbowl advert comes out, amongst all the heroes and spectacle of all the characters coming together, the whole hype boils around two distinct sentences.

I have an army’

‘We have a Hulk’

Which then followed an almighty roar and the hulk bitch slapping a vehicle out of the sky.

Immediately I started to think perhaps the tides of  shift had started to occur.

Hulk Sad

The hulk had two goes at cinema before hand, once with Ang Lee’s portrayal in 2003 and another in Louis Leterrier in 2008.

Neither of them seemed to stir the hornet’s nest too much. Both catered to perhaps extreme interpretations of him (with Ang Lee’s being an art drama while Ed norton’s was an upgraded television show edition), both never really captured the essence of the character shown in the comics.

But this was about to change

Puny Villains

Another Reviewer on wordpress gave an avengers review and he carefully identified that the problem with superhero films like the 2 hulks was if the antagonist eventually becomes a large CGI form, they tend to remove the emotional state of engaging in battle with them over the last thirdof the film.

Neither the absorbing man or the abomination failed to resonate a threat the audience particularly invested in, during each of these incarnations.

This alongside other things meant that the hulk’s perception in the mainstream dwindled. As a hero is only as grand (to an certain extent) as the villain they are up against.

But hopefully having Loki as a joint villain would help this issue (and it certainly did)

Hulk eat design nitpickers

Speaking purely financially, one would expect for the hulk to have taken a back seat in this film. There was far too much emphasis on critiques on things like his design that heavily impacted how people saw him. Alot of people even think he should still be in human form and not CGI, I had one person telling me it would have been great if Lou feringou came back and played him. I really do hope this counts as the minority of you.

But his design was great and his animation was pretty flawless, combinging the best of the previous two and adding its own flair, I think this interpretation of him is probably the best yet. His likeness to Rufallo and the fact he played the CGI model character as well really does help bring him to life

Hulk go Oldskool

But the hulk managed to do what he did best in this film.

In the 60s, when the hulk had issues with falling sales in his comic, instead of cancelling he character, Marvel decided to expand him into a roaming universe and quickly saw he worked best when featured in other people’s storylines. The hulk’s greatest asset has been how he interacts with other people/heroes and villains.

They learnt he brought out the best of them and they brought out the best in him.

And this is exactly what Whedon showed in his film.

Hulk Mingle

This is exactly what Whedon showed in this film.  the hulk enriched every character he shared a scene with and therefore ultimately enriched himself.

  • His/Banner’s scene with the Black widow showed her ability to compassion
  • His scene with Thor  on the helicarrier showed thor’s heroic side and also his eternal ability to see the good in people, even in dire situations
  • His second scene with Thor was just a stroke of genius and highlighted their ability to cooperate and also have their nagging differences
  • His scene with Loki really was an eye opener into the reality against how people perceive themselves and the wholes in it
  • And his Stark rescue at the end was a touching end to reinforce stark’s notion that he didn’t have to do it alone all the time.

Not bad considering the amount of time he had on screen in comparison to other characters, not bad at all

Banner not so Puny

Also, this film showed a completely different type of Banner, not a broken one, not one that was running away, not a scared Banner. But one who had come to accept his predicament.

Banner’s reaction to the Hulk was a breath of fresh air and one of real acceptance, far more acceptance than even shown in the majorityof the X-men films which whole philosophy is about accepting being different.

When he talks about the scene with the gun and trying to commit suicide. This was actually supposed to be the beginning of The Incredible Hulk film. They only changed it in this clip below because they believed suicide would be the wrong message to a smaller audience

A lil tidbit but you can apparently see captain america’s shield in the ice and it was the hulk’s roar that was supposed to have brought him to the surface. Go figure.

But in this banner brought a complete freshness to the character and I think one that people warmed to alot more. His ideolisms behind being able to control the hulk fascinates the audience until his big reveal. Which just kinda blows my mind. Havinv done some pyschology, I could write reams on the nature of banner’s passive aggressive and ulmost faux psychotic state of control. It really is a breath of fresh air to see the character displayed with emotional depth, even if done subtlely

Also Banner’s scene’s with Stark catered for his inherent need ‘to need’ in a world where he’s become increasingly isolated and self sufficient. Infact, one could argue, his relationship with banner eclipses his rhody relationship, especially in Iron man 2.

Hulk needs to break something

Linear Combat in a field or an open environment is not the best situation to put the hulk in. To get the best out of him, it’s a closed environment or an area with multiple enemies and plenty to do. He is caranage incarnate and the comics and cartoons have always shown him at his best with multiple enemies going at him at once and him literally going beserk in an all out rnage. This had yet to really shown in film and highlighted just what he could do in combat.

The scale of the battles suited him and his variety. I am soo pleased they didn’t decide to scale down his strength/power even though his size is probably the most conservative his three outings so far.

Trial of the Incredible hulk

Overall I have to deem the hulk guilty, guilty of delivering on pretty much every scale and raising the bar on what we thought was possible from him.

A salute to all the people involved in this film for showcasing what the character is really about and allowing the  mainstream world a real insight into what they are missing in comic media.

Say Bad word ’bout Hulk, Hulk Dares YOU!!!

Let’s face it people, with the hype the character is getting, it’s pretty clear Green is the New black. I wouldn’t want to be Christopher Nolan or Marc Webb right now awaiting the releases of their batman and spiderman franchises respectively. They must feel like Loki after a certain discussion with our green friend

Regardless of this, I say it’s time characters like this get knocked off their pedestals and the world to enters a meaner and greener era

As you know, The bigger hulk gets, the stronger his fanbase will become

And his fanbase is the strongest one there is.