MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day sies

Gloria Estefan famously sung ‘The Rythym is going to get you’, and she couldn’t have been closer to the truth had she tried


When I was a lot younger and a lot less worldy, I believed there was a correlation between stamina and sexual prowess. Longer always meant better and there was no better accolade than to stay up all night in the heat of passion or even to outlast your current concubine.

This of course is not the case, there is a quality element to it and as I got older, I realised that as long as both parties were satisfied, time didn’t matter. If it only takes two minutes for the both of you, than so be it. Sexual harmony is far more important with regards to intimacy than  anything else.

However I DID spent an inproportionately stint of time in order to find out how to go the distance per say.

And I came up with this.

It was a song, and I didn’t necessarily know how i came to this conclusion but it worked. I suppose the surreal aspect of it managed to take my mind of the sexual enjoyment enough to mute the orgasm so to say. And I would just sing it to myself in my head for hours and hours and hours.

I would sing this in my head all the time and without even realising, I would end up submerged in its beats and would start to actually move to the beat of it, which is quite a funny beat once you get into  it.

It’s the bizzarest of concepts, especially now, when it still pops into my head without realising, and I have to just smile and let the moment take me over and regress for a while.

Well, that’s definetely a weird introduction to a song.Anyway, I thought I would now let the secrets of my success out into the public domain for all those who are struggling with their sex lives and need a lil something extra.

In advance, I would say, You’re all welcome 🙂

ANywho, for those who care to, please strip naked and pelvic thrust to your heart’s content, as I introduce to you, the alternate (but probably slightly more addictive) to VIAGRA

Mark Meuller – Duck Tale Theme

ps, I have a small challenge for you, please try and sing the lyrics ‘Duck Tales’, without the ‘Woooohooooohoooo’ bit at the end. After a decade of sexual activity, I still find this notion impossible, see if you are more resilient to its seductive bellows than I am



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