MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Siete

Music has the ability to make you travel a thousand miles, without even taking a single step.

I would like to take you all on one of these said journeys


I first heard this gem probably about two years ago on the Benji B show. I will get to Benji B later as I can’t make it through this month without mentioning him either but I won’t disgress now.

I think I was sat back in my chair at the time and I remember as the song went on, I sank further and deeper into it, until the chair consumed me, and I ended up falling through space and time, in a void between now and never.

The writer is a genius but the real grace of it are what appears to be the ad-hoc solos on the saxaphone and that lovely ever-forgiving bass line that supports you, like a seatbelt of life, while the sax takes you on the meloncholy rollercoaster of completion.

Saying that, I can’t manage to listen to this song all day as it would render me completely cathartic and unable to do anything. I’ve only ever listened to it sober but I imagine on some type of drugs, would take it to a whole different level.

If you get the chance to listen to this, I wish for you to stop what you are doing, find a nice comfortable chair, recline in it, close your eyes and allow its cloud to float you away.

It’s probably one of the most beautiful trips you wil ever take

I also like the song title, it makes me think of those high end Marks and Spencers’ adverts, which go,

This isn’t just cake, this is a M and S cake.

and for that reason, I understand why this song can never be classed as just simply blues

Thank you for flying with Novembre Pleut.

Gary Bartz – Celestial Blues


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