Short and still fighting (yeah yeah yeah)… part 21

The first of three fights you will never win

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I am awake

I am awake

I am a wake

I am a snake

I am awake

I am awake

I am a cake

I am a flake

I am awake

I am a grape

I am a tree

I am a telly tubby

I am Po

I am a crow

I am a bird

I am a turd

I am brown

I am a clown

I am a frown

I am a smile

I am a sneeze

I am a breeze

I am a tease

I am a flirt

I am a shirt

I am Bert

I am Ernie

I’m a Mupet

I am a puppet

I am cookie monsters’ beady rapey eyes on trial for mishandling miss piggy’s cookies while she was off having an affair with the honey monster, edd the duck, sooty and sweet, and coco the monkey in a freaky fur ball piss bukake while my gran filmed the whole thing while fellating two drug dealing gophers

I am kermit

I am a frog

I am a dog

I am a poodle

I am a strudel

I am cool

I am a fridge

I am a bridge

I am a tower

I am a flower

I am sour

I am sweet

I am a sheep

I am asleep

I am asleep

I am….so….asleep.

I am…


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