MUSIC MONTH: SOng of the day cinco

Songs have the ability to express things you couldn’t possibly voice and do it with such a creative edge to them. Here is one that takes the words right out of my mouth



I had the joy of listening to this lil piece of joy recently while rewatching some old episodes of Ally Mcbeal. It was the first season actually and It’s incredibly how surreal that show was from the get go. It’s a shame, it’s still better than pretty much all shows on at the moment, a real testament to the writers of it (apart from the last series which was SHIT covered CRAP)

and since it ties so much with my post here, it’s only fair that it’s used to expand on probably my greatest short story of all time.

SO sit back, relax and be enlightened.


Randy NEWMAN – Short People

ps,, it’s ironic that randy newton then goes on to follow up this gem with ‘friend in me’ the smash for the toy story film, go figure….


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