MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day cuatro

Another day and another wonderful music piece update for me to share with you all.

Alot of people listen to songs to hear what is heard, What I want to show you is a piece that derives alot of its greatness from what isn’t said at all


A lot of modern day rap and when I say modern day rap and hip hop, I mean the majority of things that were put out since the early 90s is about embracing affluence in the artist performing it.

It has become nothing more than a glorified CV in showing that they have made it in their industry.

How good their life is

how much money they have

how many times a week they engage in coital activities

how big their houses are

how cool they are

you kinda get the gist.

WHich is all fair and dandy but definitely gets old.

But when rap about a subject that usually doesn’t fall into this bracket comes up, it becomes far greater than it normal.

Especially considering that most rappers are supposed to be cock sure individuals who can do know wrong. This piece is actually about a person going through or has recently had a break up. Of course in their heated arguments, he has ended up meeting up again with her and is trying to tell her that he made the right decision with their break up and how messed up she made his life. Verse after verse he continues to confirm that it’s been the best decision he’s ever made staying away from her.ANd in his mind, he’s probably right

But chorus after chorus, another voice, perhaps represented by the voice in his head retorts another message, a message of his continual and unfaded love for her. Desiring a companion for the rest of their days, that’s what his heart wants.

I find this tale beautiful, and the first and second verses of this song, especially the way the third verse is portrayed with him speaking up in her face, his cutting words to her mixed among his heart’s cry all served on such melodic tones is something you come across often, and for that, it should be championed and shared.

THe sinusoidal path all take in making decisions, from head to heart, and the meandering stroll it takes from making up to breaking up.

This journey is richer than anything most rappers can fathom. ANd this kindom of wealth is here to share with all.


METHOD MAN and D’ANGELO – Break Ups 2 Make UPs

for the whole song, please go here


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