MUSIC MONTH: Together again with my first love

It was Inevitable

It would be impossible for me to even consider this whole month without writing something that is dedicated to someone I was completely and utterly in love with for a most of my life.

The ever lovely

Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

I first became interested in this phenomenon of a person because she reminded me of someone I went to school with around about 1998. This person was pretty much a breath of fresh air in a world that had yet to go mad.

She was ‘My Vendetta’.

And she knew all about what life was about at such a young age but instead of letting it defeat her, she laughed at the world for her own amusement.

Anyway, I won’t digress, I may chat about her another time

But I found a similar vibe from Janet

I remember that my brother and sisters had gone through a phase of liking her when they were younger but I was too young at the time to really associate anything with music, it was just noise to me as a child.

But one day a friend of mine had purchased her single ‘Together again’ and he gave it to me to listen to.

And  from the very first strung of the harp that was it.

Even though the original song was about meeting up with friends and family sufferers of HIV in  future realm, I saw it as a love song, A song that had encapsulated everything I had wanted or felt about this said person. And I couldn’t stop listening to it.

All five versions of the song, on the album, including the solemn slow version were dissected in perfect bliss by my ears to drown in every sound they were eclipsed in.

I had to practically steal it off my friend (whose sister was a janet jackson fan by the by)

Then there’s the video, set in an african dessert setting with a bunch of enlightened new age people who were nothing more than cool as fuck, lying with elephants, comtemplating with Eagles, running with panthers and laughing with Monkeys. Not to mention the double hot janet scene



And throughout the video, I couldn’t stop looking at Janet Jackson, she became the most beautiful thing I have ever scene in that time of my life and was the embodiment of perfection. Her smile, even now to this day, can stop my train of thought in its tracks, if caught unaware. The softness of her voice and her latent shyness coupled with her ability to require extrovert characteristics in order to perform in the way she does, is simply breathtaking.

I had no choice but to dedicate the following 8/9 years of my life indulging in every other thing she laid her hands on.

I will be providing sporadic updates on her albums and the gems she had on them during this month or perhaps not, I’ll see with my moods but at least you now all know how this journey started many moons ago.

I know myself and Miss Jackson are not as close as we used to be

But dancing in moonlight, She has set me free

Cause I’ve always had her star

shining down on me.