MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day dos

Yeap, it’s time for another musical gem and today I am going for a song that never fails to make me cry.

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I can watch this clip over and over and its presence is sooo overwhelming, so many hidden gems in it.

About overcoming adversity

about new traditions cutting through age old ways

the joy of youth

the faith of others

growing out of yourself

inspiring people

Cultural and social adhesion

I watc this clip and I imagine this is what heaven would sound like if it was a song and it just makes me wonder whether the emotions that ride through me are what eternal happiness feels like.

If so, I am blessed to have experienced a smidgeon of it in my lifetime

There are very few perfect scenes in movies and this is certainly one of them.

So raise your hands and give joy and praise for this heavenly body.

The Fun Nuns – Salve Regina




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