Music Month: Song of the Day Uno


For part of this month as music month, I will be providing you with a song, a song that I probably couldnt live without and hopefully I can start enlightening the way you all see me and the way I see music.

I’ll try and link them all up as well so you can get through them all one day if you are bored.

Also feel free to comment on how they make you feel and what songs remind you of other songs etc, let’s get a community feel ball rolling to this one. Woop woop


Easiest choice ever. It is actually physically impossible for me to stay seated while this song plays. it is nothing but pure joy and with its simplicity comes eons of complication. It is nothing other than the purest expression of Joy and adoration for another. I imagine the writer of the lyrics writing the first line, looking at it expecting to write more and then realising they had said all they want to.

So with that, I hope you have a tiny bit of dancefloor available to  you as this is an addictive number.

Praise Cats – Shined on Me


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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