Short and Karmaic..Part 17

This is a ‘There’s two suicides to every love story’ mini,

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Hope you enjoy

School End of year 2002 Party

Hey, aren’t you Shelly Cooper?

I sat next to you in french class for six years

We did our history project on the Mary Rose ship together

Your older brother used to bully me a bit when we were younger

I ‘ve had a big crush on you for the last 2 years, not that you noticed since you were with Greg.

Well I just thought I would take this opportunity to sign your yearbook and to say it’s been great knowing you for this entire school experience and I hope we can keep in touch afterwards

Er…excuse me…have we met before….?, you’re right, my mistake, it must have been someone else, my apologies


” 🙂 “



School Reunion Party 2012

Hey, aren’t you Ryan Finch?

Didn’t you design that Call of Duty game?

I remember reading about your company in the paper and seeing you on Larry King.

Do you remember me?

I used to copy your answers in French class

You pretty much did my entire half of our Mary Rose History project for me

My brother used to look after you when you were younger

We used to talk alot in our final year at school

You’re the only one who wrote something really nice in my yearbook.

After we left, Me and Greg went through a rough patch after I kinda developed feelings for you but  you didn’t keep in contact.

I finally have a chance for us to pick up from where we left off.

Er…excuse me…have we met before….?


Er yeah, ……I’m Shelley Cooper

No, no you’re not….


” 😦 “


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