Supdate part two…

Hey all, just wanted to inform you that I am well and good

Just want to quickly cover two things really


I’ve alway written purely for the sake of it and I don’t mind if no one reads anything but it’s always great to get feedback.

What I never expected was actually to be nominated for a reward, not only for a single piece but the whole damn thing.

But that is what Happened last month

A subscriber. Mark Sudger and his blog page, Letters to alfie, recommened me for a Versatile Blogger Award

How amazingly great is that?

Now I know that may mean that my page is just full of non coherent random tatt and I should actually be locked away in a mental asylum for not being able to string two thoughts together, but I will TAKE IT still as a compliment.

Here Mark described my page as

Novembre Pleut’s Thought Puddles Some great artwork, and also some really good writing”

And I didn’t even have to bribe him, How chuffeed Am I.

I would just like to say thank you, I am normally not short for words but this is a great honour.

I will follow the rules of the piece and nominate others when I am back but now I will just basque in it.

if anyone else would like to nominate my page or anything else for….I dunno, A pulitzer prize or something, then you are more than welcome

Just like Mark, everyone will get my mother’s recipe lemon and carrot orgasm cake (seriously, it changes lives and stops wars).

My March and Future Pieces

I unfortunately will be away for the next month, so for all of you who are bored of my tidbits, you get a bit of a breather.

I am off for work doing lots of wonderful training and taking a well deserved break. I haven’t been off anywhere in a while and I am nuking all my annual leave pretty much in one go.

I will let you in on my travels and all the marvelous places i have been when i get back.

Put just as a head’s up When I get back in april, I will be dedicating a month or two to music.

I’ve realised that my ‘Love of Sound’ category is running thin and I could speak about music all day long, so all my shorts and pieces in that month will resolve about that art, how it affects me and also will help you broaden your musical horizons. Who knows, maybe it may inspire you to write your own musical pieces or recommend things to me.
Some of my favourite songs were just randomly recommended to me by strangers, so weirder things have happened.

In anycase, I would like to thank you all for reading and joining my page.

I look forward to rewarding you all with my own taste and take on life, love, death, lost and everything in between.

Till then, I’ll be dancing…

In the rain…