Short and leap (year) taking part 12…

A leap into the unknown

The sound bellows over shivering echoes

Of a siamese twin pair of hellos

Eloquent cries of courting eyes

And slow awakenings from mischievous thighs

Chambers of wit radiantly emit

From language’s most prominent turret

The sweat that slept ignites and wept

And washes away good intentions unkept

The mutual tingles begin to mingle

As arousal boils over between two singles

Of course this ruse was just an excuse

To buy into lust one should refuse

The only lie they couldn’t hide

Were the audible cries of partners’ realise

As both were found in the kitchen bound

With opened mouths that birthed no sound

She stabbed her pillar but wore the scar

But only healed when a tree  met her car

To eat his cake, he regurgitated his stake

And found himself retiring in the lake.

What sinister intent of those content

Pied pipes their leaps to such morbid descents?


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