Intelligently designed to suffer.

Stealing the flame-containing limelight

I was conceived  from an aging frozen egg and a defected sperm cell

I am the accumulation of the worst possible traits from my  biological mother and my father

I was born with every birth deficiency you could imagine

I was abandoned by them as they took part in a cult suicide

I was told countless times that I would not make it to see five years old

I grew up in a dead end neglected part of civilization where time forgot

I was sold to a abusive man who one day wanted to use me for child pornography.

I had my chest set alight and branded for the colour of my skin.

I was not allowed to read or write until i assumed i was eight years old

I have stayed awake in fear, without sleep for 11 days straight

I have been pronounced dead on three separate occasions

I was drowned as a child for using witchcraft

I’ve walked three miles for a three sips of water

My teachers told me repeatedly that i was stupid.

I’ve been addicted to the harshest substances known to man

I’ve been buried alive under a cement covered pit

I’ve been held hostage by a drug runner

I’ve spent large parts of my life homeless

I have been sectioned on more than two occasions.

I’ve staggared over entire countries’ worth of burning sand for a chance.

After a drink driving car accident, I was told I would never walk again

I’ve evaded death by having to hide in the wilderness for three days

I lost my partner and newborn child in an earthquake

I’ve been shot in the back by a close friend

I’ve had to fight  get battered every night to stop myself getting raped in prison

I’ve had to regurgitate nutrients from my own waste when I was too hungry and poor to feed myself.

I’ve been put in hospital because of my religion

I’ve been diagnosed as clinically insane and put on medication that would put a rhino to bed in seconds.

I had been a symptom of every form of psychosis you could imagine

I’ve had explosions go off right infront of me, blowing shards of glass and  into my eyes.

I’ve watched friends bleed to death in my arms

I’ve had all my possessions burnt to hell for no more than not smiling at someone.

I’ve slept naked amongst six inches of snow.

I’ve been turned away by so many when i cried  tears of blood for help.

By worst of all, I was told countless times by those around me, my closests confidents that I would never make it.


Because of all this

today  my company Prometheus

Named after The defiant fire stealing titan

made its first trillion dollars.

Despite everything I have seen, and been through

I evolved into the best possible me I could be,


Because I took in control.


Because I siezed it.

From God