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I  put this part of the conversation here because there is something that we still do with my previous post and I spent months trying to incorporate it in but I gave up.

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We wish for those who have done us wrong or who fail to comply with the rules and regulations of a society that may be detrimental to other members of us, and we wish to see them punished, especially for the most heinous of crimes committed against us.

But what does punishment actually produce?

A lot of people would argue that the use of physical deterrents such as smacking (in the proper context) helps instill some form of control

But this isn’t necessarily going to provide the child

Consider this.


An AA meeting and rehabilitation course of lessons may stop a person overtly abusing alcohol and having a detrimental aspect on his life and the others around him BUT it will never remove that taste and fulfillment that alcohol has had or could have on them.

It is not a substitute for that sensation and doesn’t remove it. At the very worst one will ‘potentially’ forget the impact it had on them

But then if that is true, certain aspects of the rehabilitation like knowing exactly how many days you have been sober for and the reprogramming of your behaviours to avoid situations where alcohol may be consumed by you or where you would interact with other heavy drinkers, or the catalysts that would have you drinking in the first place, would be allowed back into your life.

In other words, you could choose to be able to drink small or large amounts again and be in control of your alcohol so that it wouldn’t be detrimental towards you.


So going back to punishment. Punishing someone alone isn’t necessarily going to make them stop wanting to commit that crime, or resentful that they did commit it. The only thing that it may do is deter people from the consequence of getting caught

So instead of having a society of people who don’t want to commit crimes, instead you have a society of people who simply don’t want to take the risk of getting caught.

This is an incredibly simplistic approach to go about solving these issues and it pretty much means they will occur over and over again.

I mean look at speeding. No one particularly cares about the consequences of speeding while speeding on the motorway BUT rest assured when a speed camera is in sight, you will reduce your speed.

So either the monetary ball ache of paying that fine or potentially losing your license is of far more value than your own life, or that of another group of people.

And again when you go to eat at a restaurant. You will check a menu and cater to a meal based on a combination of price and what you feel you would like. At no point is the nutritional value of what you put into your body ever encountered. So you could be purposely killing yourself on a regular basis based on your diet than

i.e. you care more about money than your own health.

But what impact does this have.


So we have a group of people who get so worked up and angry about having a crime committed against them that they want to watch ‘someone’ punished for it

And then we have those who are put away without really feeling remorseful for anything other than getting caught.

But then what happens after the terms have been served, for those who have had crimes committed against them, there rarely is a jail sentence out there that is deserving of what the criminals will eventually end up serving.

And let’s not even bring up the notion of putting someone to death

I don’t know how honestly in this day and age, one can justify that anyone who is trialed under a systematic and fair jury service, regardless of their actions, deserves to die for their actions.

I mean what good is it killing someone who kills someone else. What honestly does that solve? Or is that a fundamental belief that you can honestly say that the world would be a far brighter place without this individual in it, not only that but they are no longer potentially productive to either maintaining or advancing our way of life in ANY way SHAPE OR FORM.

Not a finite iota of shred of potential of anything there at all. No room or shape for self development, no potential to help anyone or anything. Not even good enough to read my thesis (a fate worse than death I tell you, I have proof here


The funny thing is that you can take the nicest kindest saint in the entire world, and within their environment, they are guaranteed that golden ticket to heaven, but bring forth the apocalypse and their mind can snap, and with the right motivation, all it can take is one single day


I’m not sure about religious beliefs and I do think that a lot of people are infact forced into it as a child. Personally I would say that all major and some minor religious should be taught in a secular manner to children but they shouldn’t be allowed to practice until they are older and It is a complete individual decision if they wish to take it up or not. There should be no parental influence to their decision or even cultural. Again there should be a separation of culture and religion if possible as culture I believe is inherent to a person’s nature while I do not necessarily think one needs to openly wear their religious beliefs on their sleeve. In the same way how I don’t have to wear my sexy high heels to work or my football top (mmmmm, imagine the sight of me in a football top and just some heels, yum yum).