Short and Matrimonious…part 10

A name in the arse…


Best man: Hahahaha, I can’t believe you won the bet

Groom: Yeah, I nearly got her surname, thanks for that double headed coin by the way 😉

Best man: No worries, anytime mate. Oh shit, here comes her part…

Priest: Repeat after me, I Jenny Jass,

Bride: I Jenny Jass

Priest: Do take Hugh Talia

Bride: Do take Hugh Talia

Groom: Hehe, Jenny Talia, Genitalia 😀

Priest: *snickers uncontrollably*

Bride: SHUT IT Hugh, if it was tails, you would have taken mine surname and be named after your mother’s best feature!!!

Mother in law: Hugh… Jass, Hugh Jass…..HUGE ASS!!! 😦

Best man: BaZINGa!! :p

Priest: Hahahaha, You’re sooooo all going to hell…


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