Short and Isolated……part 8

Sanctuary in Stockholm

She couldn’t remember how she had ended up in her  predicament or for how long she had been held against her will.

But after what seemed like a never ending cycle of months of planning, she  eventually saw her opportunity out. And by god, she was going to take it, no matter what.

She placed her hands on the cold steel cage  and pressed her face against the narrow bars that kept her from freedom. As she managed to finally crack the lock and swing the cage door open , she closed her eyes, sighed and smiled for the first time in forever.

As the creaking cage door swung open. she took a breath and squeezed through its tight entrance.

A  single silent tear meandered down her right cheek, relieved as it understood this would finally be the release she seeked.

She would finally be free and more importantly out of harm’s way.

And with that, she closed the cage door and and re-locked it, from the inside, with her now in it.

She then ingested the key so no one could get her out.

Finally, she was alone and safe. where no one could get close enough to hurt her again.


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