Shortish (not really) but pretty damn mind boggling…part 6

Transcending the Question

Only 10 sailors had survived their ship being marooned in the middle of nowhere on the eve of a thunderstorm of biblical proportions.

A storm baring the morbid traits of deafening thunder, rapturous lightening and a hideous torrential downpour, one which none of them had witnesses before in their lifetimes.

In fear of their lives, they strove for higher ground and they eventually huddled into the nearest cave for sanctuary for the duration of this purgatory.


One man decided to boldly venture outside.

He was questioned by one particularly stubborn crew member, asking him

“Why are you going outside?”

He replied

“In order to tie down some of our supplies so they won’t be swept away.”

Reluctantly, the group let him go but this other gentleman did not agree.

After about 90 minutes, he had yet to return.


In fear of his safety, a rescue group of 3 people volunteered to go find him.

They too were questioned by this  scared seaman who again asked

“Why are you going outside?

One of them replied,

“‘To make sure Fernando is OK and to make sure the supplies were tied down”

The newly-promoted Captain was in even more of a frantic state than  after his first intervention but he was surrounded by strangers, on his first voyage to sea with them and had yet to earn their respect. So his concerns could not yet trump losing another one of their own.

So off the rescue group wandered.

But after another 2 hours they too had yet to return.


By now the storm had picked up in ferocity and was well into its malevolent stride, with its archaic anthem echoed sadistically through the cave’s concave  walls.

The taunting verses of creation’s carnage, crumpled any conscious belief  the strays had survived such an ordeal. Quickly members of the group had started to unravel, blaming themselves for sending their comrades to their floating graves.


Realising the group’s self pity would eventually lead to their demise, the Captain got up begrudgingly and started walking out into the storm.

The rest of the group called to him

‘Why are you going outside?’

He revealed himself to be a tracker  in his former profession and said he knew this terrain better than anyone. He would find their comrades and would guarantee their safe return.

And with that, he was gone.


After about 45 minutes of tracking through the thick wildlife, the captain came to a clear pass without any vegetation blocking the downpour. In this clearing he found the four men, completely drenched, standing totally still but arched back and steering up to the sky.

He called out to them,


Silence was his vain reward for his rhetorical line of questioning.


He decided to climb out to them and leave the cover of the thick clearing to question Fernando personally.

Suddenly, out of curiosity, he raised his head and clearer than anything he’d ever set his eyes on before, he gazed up upon the heavens and he saw it.


Just like the rest had. And he too basqued in its beauty.

Hours passed and eventually night turned to day.


By the first glimmers of sunrise the storm  had receded back to the gates of hell and the five survivors without a single word being mentioned, decided to eventually return to the cave.

Upon arrival, they were continually questioned by the rest of the group

“Why did you stay outside?”

This was met by Fermando and the  search party with a content silence as their eyes silently communicated to one another not to utter a word of what had transpired.

Soon it was turn of the captain to be questioned

“Hey, why did even you stay outside?”

He stood up closed his eyes and smiled as he looked down. His reply….

‘The real question is……. why weren’t you outside?’

All five of them took what they saw with them to the grave.

And were better men for it.


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