A comedy of dating errors

Well well well….

It seemed ol willy is actually a time traveller and has managed to capture the mood of a phenomena eons before it even existed.

To clarify  this is a famous speech by the character Antipholus of Syracuse in William Shakespeare’s ironically titled play ‘A comedy of errors’,

paraphrased and updated by yours truly

A comedy of dating errors

Upon my life, by some phone device or other
This internet dating has o’er-raught me of all my money.
They say these websites are full of cozenage,
As, nimble members that deceive the eye,
Dark-working typists that change the mind,
Soul-killing bitches that deform their pictured topless bodies,
Disguised married cheaters, prating camgirls, obscure fetishists
And many such-like liberties of sin:
If it prove so, I will delete my profile the sooner.
I’ll to the town centre, to go seek my knave:
I greatly fear my heart  and my sanity are not safe.


You may remember it in its original form in the old Barclays  Bank adverts done by Samuel L. I have a bias towards it, it is performed in the ‘rain’ afterall.