39 seconds…

I just can’t fucking believe it

Remember that weekend from hell post that I made awhile back about some crazy bint. Well I thought i had gotten rid of the loon but she fucking stalked me. AGAIN. All the way across a country border line

So in an attempt to get a restraining order put back on here, I decided that I would meet up with her to tell her once and for all

 ‘NO, I Do not want you to PISS in my EYE’

but apparently my english to loon dictionary is off, and NO, actually means YES

so i got le squirted.

anyway inbetween this shock and horror, I decided that I will ease the pain by putting on my favourite film in the whole world,

top gun

and you will never guess what she did

She TURNED the fucker OFF. 39 seconds in.

now i’m not sure how many of you have watched top gun but the first 38 seconds really are academy award winning and set the tone for the whole fucking lot. infact the 40th second of the film is the most important part. so to have it turned off at that point, is like, uber insulting.

Don’t believe me, check for yourselves

and you know why she turned it off

because the cunt flap wanted pizza. PISSSSA,

my, if walls could talk

now i am not a violent man, and i will never hit a woman, but damn, i shook the living shit outta her.




little does she know thought that the hammer she ‘accidentally’ tripped over outside my door will soon be lodged in her fucking skull for her sins, the cheeky bitch.

lesson of the day

If you want to turn off my favourite film for a fucking ham and pineapple budget meal, prepare to get the living shit stabbed out of ya.

fucking bints…

but in fairness, she gives good head (lice) .so she is forgiven.

I love me stalkers