Going through old emails, I found a batch of stuff i never sent out, I kinda wonder why, so here is one of them. unedited

please note i have absolutely no idea what this says so i will be reading it as a spectator alongside you. if it offends anyone or says anything ‘wrong’ i do apologise.

all i have is that it was written on 29th August 2006.


I hope you are sitting comfortably

Ah yes, the boring catch up that is my life. Well i do hope that you are doing alright since the last time we properly spoke or at least things are perhaps on the up.

For me at work, i’ve been bored stiff. I had to hand in a report at the end of june that was supposed to be a report based on the first nine months of my PhD, which was fair enough. Because basically i am doing two projects simultaneously that won’t combine for a lil while, it feels as if i have a lot more to write than a lot of other people, especially people who have yet to start doing any kinda major analsis on their physical specimens (half of mine it computational based and is fairly large). So it ends up being a lil late and i end up telling my supervisor that more than likely it’s going to be fairly large as well (since i tend to waffle). he says that it’s fine and i should write what i can and then he’ll look at it. A week and a bit later, I hand in to him this 147 page report, like 26,000 words of what i feel is a pretty good report (although it’s only supposed to be 15) after handing in two drafts (both with blatant mistakes in it although i feel the final one was ok), he takes it and says he’ll proof read it and get back to me.

I had a meeting with my industrial supervisor about 2 weeks later and i needed to give her a copy, when we got to the results page (i was showing her what i had managed to find so far), he seemed just as shocked to see my results as she was, as if he had yet to read any of my work, which really quite pissed me off since he had it for ages and every one else who handed something in should have got their reports read by the next day, some even during the same day (for those people who’s english isn’t exactly to par and need help (foreign students and all)).

Then i went home for a week because my mother had a hysterectomy (sp?) which i think went alright alrhough she had some trouble with water retention afterwards but hopefully it seems that she is on her way back to recovery now (as long as she does her exercises) and before i go he says he wants to see me as soon as i get back to cut it down and when i do get back he says he wants to see me as soon as poss to try and get this thing sorted out. Firstly i wonder if he wanted the report to still be short, why the hell did he tell me to just keep writing at that intial stage if he’s not even going to read it, secondly if he urgently wanted to see me about it, how come he hasn’t said anything for  the last two weeks since that initial meeting but he’s come into my communal office loads of times to speak to other students.

It’s quite annoying when your supervisor takes your project off on a tangent where he isn’t specified and can’t really help you on (and the only main person who can has now moved university) and then even when you don’t need help, he’s holding you back. I would have just handed in the report the way it is and taken any kinda feedback i was given, heck I’m quite a speedy writer, if they sent it back to me saying it was too long, i could have gotten another much shorter one done within the same week and handed it back in. He just said that he wanted to read it so i didn’t make him look like an ass, even though he ‘s never really shown much interest in what i’m doing at the mo since it’s not really his field or anyone else this report is going to be handed in to. I remember doing a presentation a while back and all the doctors i was presenting to where kinda dumbfounded by what i was saying purely because it wasn’t their  fields and any questions they addressed to me were purely the most basic of things anyone could ask. It was basically as if i was speaking another language they had very little comprehensive skills over.

anwy since i’m going to be hitting a boredom patch in my work sometime soon, i think i’m just going to forget about waiting for my supervisor who is pissing me off at the mo and then just hand it in without him being aware of it, i’ll probably have that done by next week because I need to take an oral exam on it to pass into next year and i have to book it with other supervisors and he’s just holding me back.

the worst thing is that i gave my industrial supervisor a copy of my report to go through and she said she would in july so she could give me some feedback. I go to see her two weeks ago to find out and she said she hasn’t read it either. I mean c’mon. This is someone’s official documentation here, if you are going to do something, then at least do it instead of having me chasing 30 and 40 something years olds wondering if they have done things they said they would.

It’s just not my style.

Speaking of Chasing 30 something year olds around, I’ll move on from work related stress to some relationship related stress. A while ago, two of my friends called me up on a friday night that i didn’t want to go out on, i had already made plans to stay in and do nothing but they insisted and they dragged me out for a few drinks since we’ve done this spontaneous things twice before and the first one was good but the last one was a lil boring because it was on a thursday (and since the bulk of the students are still away, it means that the night life is still pretty quiet during  weekday). anywho i dressed up casually and we went out. We first went to play some pool at the student’s union and i got beat pretty badly,i must be out of practice or simply the winner had his eye in. I took him to the black a few times but i never potted when under pressure which was a shame but heck, you take the rough with the smooth especially if you’ve had a 10 game winning streak under your belt so it just wasnt my day.

anyway we were moving into town when this lady stumbled across us looking for some bar called Ivory. there were three of us and she approached the tallest one first natrually (who was located inthe middle). no one seemed to remember

where the bar was so we ended up taking her to the location of another bar where she said it was located near to. One of my friends made fun of her accent calling her a Yanky (even though she had a blatant irish accent). Eventually it clicked as to where this Ivory bar was and i kinda walked ahead and pointed her in the right direction. As soon as we made proper eye contact, she looked up at me and just smiled like you wouldn’t believe and it set me off and i just smiled as well while trying to point at this bar, she tried not to lose eye contact with me, it was strangely bizzare mutual feelig of adoration for one another,i suppose the closest one could get to love/lust at proper first sight from both parties, which usually doesn’t happen. anywho she walked off to ivory and we continued our voyage into town…

A couple of hours later we had made it into a bar called THE FORUM. we sat down there and had some drinks,i had popped to the toilet and when i got back, like 1 minute later, this lass appeared out of nowhere and sat right beside me giving me this glare again. It was a lovely surprise to see her again so i started chatting to her. she told me she thought one of my friends was attractive so i thought she was gunning him down that evening, so i tried to arrange for them to get talking but it seeed like it wasn’t going that great, so imoved back to sit with her and we started talking. My friends started making a move towards the door going home and they said they turned back to see me kissing her all of a sudden.

so i guess i had gotten lucky. she told me her age, 31, 32 in september then asked for mine, 23 then birthday to realise i had just turned in July (which was after she had told me that she had turned down an offer from one of the 24 yr old boys in her office for being a baby). to be fair she doesn’t look any older than about 26/27, not much difference between herself and my former older lady girlfriend who turned 29 on the weekend.

so here comes the dirty bit if you wish to cover your eyes. She decides to come back to mine for the evening and i spend the whole time trying to talk her out of some sex which isn’t going well, she seemed to have it definitely on the cards.

oh let me describe her to you. 5 ft 4 and a bit without heels. 34cs, long dark wavy hair that cover her nipples but not her whole breast, large hips, turquoise eyes, very fair skinned, great smile. overall pretty nice. Name’s Julia as well.

so the only controversy that happened that night that really stood out except for my lack of orgasm again and extended session was 


 then she looked me in the eye and said ‘Waste not, want not’

By far the freakiest first time encounter i’ve had with anyone but there seemed to be something more at the time…

oh and she wasn’t wearing any underwear when i met her, which is always kinda scary when you meet someone for the first time. I think she was trying to perhaps get with someone from her workplace (the reason she was out was because someone had a leaving do at work and they were celebrating their last day). Anyway i’ll be brief about the next parts for now, we also met up on wednesday of that week, she stayed till thursday morning, stayed on friday, stayed till saturday morning, then i was supposed to go back to london for a week to be with my mom during her op (which i mentioned earlier), so she wanted to see me before i went on the sunday so she popped round. pretty cool start if you ask me, i thought it was all going fine.

then 10 days pass and i thought i would get to see her on the sunday when i got back but she said (after it was getting late) that she had been out the night before and she probably wouldn’t be the best of company so i let that slide. We then arranged to meet on the wednesday and we did and that was a really cool day, maybe because of the timeframe or whatever but this one really stood out for me, probably the longest we’ve ever spent in each other’s company properly and we seemd to kinda connect, sober sex was good and we both managed to get off on it ( i think her more than me but oh well, she did say she came six times on her first time with me but who knows). we did some freaky stuff like


so swings and roundabouts, literally.

So I found out that she is off to dubllin later on on the weekend to spend some  time with her older sister which is fine so i won’t get to see her till next week (which was last week). so she says that she will take me back the her place (which she lives in with her ex-fiance (oh yeah it gets worse)) if her ex isn’t around and cook me some dins dins and i could see life from her side since she’s always coming to mine. so she text me on thursday night saying she’s listening to the top gun cd thinking about us and the smell of our combined sex and how she was looking forward to seeing me next week. so saturday comes and i’m off to the cinema so i text her about that, no reply which is fair enough. Monday rolls on and i ask what the plans are for that, no reply so i kinda miss a date with her…tuesday comes and i get a late text about how she got back on monday but nothing about being sorry for missing date (i’m not sure if she got my texts in ireland it’s kinda weird). she says she will call later about what we are doing on the weekend (which happens to be a bank holiday weekend so it’s three days off instead of just sat and sun). i text on wednesday saying i miss her stuff, she thursday seaying first that she thought i had forgotten about her (weird) she is looking forward to seeing me at the weekend and she’ll call me on friday. no call on friday but she texts me saying that she is shopping on saturday, but wants to spend the rest of the day with me, working on sunday and has no plans for monday. i ask her to keep monday free and i look forward to seeing her on saturday. Saturday rolls in and she texts me saying she is meeting a friend for coffeee at lunch and what do i have planned for later expecially since she needs to be picked up from home at 11. so i said a couple of mins later that we could meet at mine, then have dinnner at hers and then i could leave early before 11 (because we’ve been getting up fairly earlier than that anyway when she was spending time with me  so it didn’t seem like a challenge). i asked her how she felt about it, and i gotten nothing back from her since, so she didn’t turn up on saturday or sunday or monday. nadda.

a lil strange and quite unnecesary especially considering she was sounding interested and that she showed some interest in seeing me again instead of making an excuse, all the way up to a few hours before seeing me. a lil odd but i’m not going to chase her upand try and find out why, i feel like a stalker i’ll leave it as it is. right i’ll finish the story up with the random controvery in the next one but right now i need to go to lunch, hopefully this will be enough to keep you going for a while…


Part 2

Right in order to get a mental image of where my last messag ended, i’ve just left you an extract from the last message i sent you so i can follow on accordingly as if it was one continual document previously on Novembre pleut’s fucked up love life…


Right now here comes the extra controversy…

As i said before she lived with her fiance and ex of four years, they had met i believe while she was working in edinborough and he was down in london so they would go and see one another when they had the time but i think he must have proposed to her and they ended up getting a place in sheffield that they wanted to turn into a family home etc. but then it all went a bit crap in december after moving in in august so that was that. He started dating another girl i think recently and by the sounds of things she has been single since although she does have a crush on someone from her workplace which i mentioned before in my last email (which i will get to in due time). Now for some reason on the second time we met she told me that his girlfriend is unaware that they still sleep together (probably in the strictest sense of the world) and that they still kiss because she was a sensual person, which was strange since i hadn’t know this info until then so i kinda just took it on the chin, especially since she said that it had no real effect on us. she also mentioned earlier that since it was her that broke up with him, he was still abit sore about her seeing other people even though he had gotten another girlfriend which i thought was kinda messed up but i didnt make an issue of it, so for the first few times i was to go over to hers, she wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t be around to see it.

she also tells me she’s never been in a bad relationship because she is a good judge of character :S i don’t know what she calls this then. although the time we spend together is great, the pending inbetween is crazy. Oh and she’s also incredibly bad at keeping time which makes me really badly anxious, stuff like replying to time arranging texts or meeting at a certain time, she’s never been on time for anything which i had to kinda learn to accept since it was just her (although there is a difference from being late and simply not turning up).


oh and let’s get on to her boss (not directly her boss but ‘a’ boss) at her company that she fancies. she didn’t notice him for ages but i think he flattered her at a christmas do last year and she kinda fell for him and they spent a long time flirting afterwards which she used to grow to like him a lot but then she found out the controversy behind him like having a long time girlfriend and splitting up with her to live with a girl he had an affair with four about 3 1/2 years, then moving back again after six months to the 15 yr long relationship lady.

for some reason she told me after kissing in a long manner that she really liked the way i kissed her, infact she said i got her


 However on further inspection she said that this guy from work is the best person she’s ever kissed, i mean how can i compare to a 40 yr old man and all his experience. I mean i’m not expecting to crash through all doors within 2 dates (which was when these topics came up), but ahhhhh, i dunno……although i’m not a jealous person it seemed that i may not be able to match up to this person who she seemed to have put on a pedestal. anywho, the person she was meeting for coffee on the saturday in the last textshe sent to is this same person so who knows whether he’s managed to sweep her off her feet (even though she said she would never go there due to drama) or whether her sister had put her off the idea of dating someone nearly 9 years her younger when it had never been an issue (heck she has a scar on her hand that she got when she fell off her bike at 8, which is older than i am 😦 scary).

so that’s that and she hasn’t replied, she may have been killed or something and i may be making a deal out of this instead of notifying the authorities but I feel for some reason she’s given me a hint she’s not interested out of the blue (even though she said she was the kinda person to get things out in the open first). Considering she said we should skip the trial basis and go full on girlfriend/boyfriend pretty much from the get go, i’m just a teeny bit bemused as to what i may have done to change things. I like to think it was perhaps the distance of when i was away with my mom that did the damage but except for the infrequency it was fine for the next week so it must have been something i did/text during this time or maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

I was a little upset on friday but it was less about missing her but more about how i found the whole thing a little inconsiderate and rude because i could have gone home to see my mom for the bank holiday, gone surfing with some mates, or gone to a carnival with another friend but i thought since i hadn’t seen her in ages i would stay and catch her but that didn’t even happen.

Now i’m alright though, i don’t mind single life it agrees with me. i’ll just have to see if she texts me in the future, (probably not though). anyway those are the main three things on my mind (if you include mom’s op).

Except for that i’m dandy and life is pretty much the same as always, alwaysoptimistic.

i just have to find someone else to



nevermind 😉

Right that’s about it, you’ve probably fallen asleeep ages through this so i’ll let you off the hook, i should get to doing some work actually so i’ll get off.

hope to hear from you soon, or better yet catch yo uon Msn sometime soon. oh and here’s a pic of me and my friend i took while my hair was still large, i had to cut it to go home for my mom’s op since i had told her i cut it in april which was a lil fib. I kinda miss it but what can ya do. the rest are my friends from uni and home. if you’re really interested you can ask me about them, doesn’t mean i’ll answer though.

righty ho, that’s a load of the chest. take care and i have to copy and paste most of these messages (bar the rude parts) to daisy cause she needs a catch up email as well. let it be known that you get the original uncensored version,


don’t say i’m never nice.

ps if you still think i’m high maitenance after all this drama i happily accepted from Julia thhen fair enough, i thought i handled it all in my stride

actually, nevermind.

right, in a bit always a pleasure

*puts on hug repellant aftershave that consists of another girl’s pussy spasms

(although not your exes, cause you’d like that, wouldn’t ya, filtHy….)*

that’ll teach ya




wow that was shockingly honest, a lil TOOOO honest at parts…..

If anyone caught that before i edited, it is no fucking wonder it didn’t get  SENT anywhere, jeeeezus christ, my poor former self.

Naughty Novembre, NOOOOOrrrTAAYYY.


Also funny how some people never change, heh

A relationship in a team cup and a stuck between a rock and a indifferent place with regards to studies.

That could very well been written today.

oh welll….

Frantic Maths

Funny this is the story, I’ve got a follow up to it, i’ll post it in a short while when not at work.