2011 new year’s resolution review

2011 in a nutshell

Last year certainly was an odd one.

Lots of things happen, met a lot of nice people, don’t think i fell out with anyone too heavily.

Changed jobs, changed locations, changed lifestyles.

I pass my 4 1/2 hour viva. Hardest exam I’ve ever EVER had.

Went to a funeral of a beloved younger cousin.

Saw three of my friends welcome people into this world

I found out I didn’t have HIV.

I cut my hair that i had grown for over three years.

I found and lost a spark in me I didn’t even realise I had.

I’ve become so damn calm, it’s unbelievable.

No weddings or divorces and managed to get through another year.

Managed to actually enjoy some family time with my siblings without wanting to kill myself

But most of all this year, I took quite a big change and risk with something and it finally paid off.

I had always told myself once i had a teeny doorway open up for myself i would be able to do the rest.

And i put my money where my mouth was and paid off a big money gamble.

And while i am not working in my dream location abroad, I find myself in somewhere I have come to call home.

2012 will the year I start making it a home and hopefully establish various sectors of friends, a social network and get myself stuck in.

But before I can go about doing that, remember that I made a list of resolutions that I wanted to get through in 2011 (click here to see them), I am now going to go back to my list and see how many of them I have managed to do.

This section is sponsored by my favourite show Family fortunes, so every bugger that i manage, it’ll get a ding *when i can find it*, and everyone i don’t, gets the dreaded

Right, let’s see

1. Do some work at work and dont get fired..until right near the end

ha, i’m not sure about the do work bit but i certainly didn’t get fired. I call this one a draw

2. Finish PhD

Ah well, i am still on this one on a technicality although for all intense and purposes it should be done. I can’t believe I am still technically doing it, it is such a problem.

3. Start Masters

Aha, i got away with this motherfucker, you see i took a gamble to not take another course and i think that it worked out well in the end, although one may say that it was a bad decision in the long run.

4. Raise sufficient funds to start masters

Yeah, and since i didn’t go on the stupid course, i am now sitting on a tiny goldmine, I’m thinking of going to a casino and putting it all on red. If anyone wants to watch, let me know.

5. crack on with saving the world and collecting data

I’m afraid i have let this one slide a bit, the pressures of finishing work, getting in a social life and starting a new job and moving has made life so tight that i don’t get enough chance to focus on what i really should be doing. but Hopefully that should clear itself out in for this year.

6. get myself a job sorted for after my masters

Ha, managed this with some satisfaction i might add. go me

7. Learn not to stop missing trains

ah well to be fair, the amount of trains i have missed have reduced but i still do get bummed by the odd one which makes my life sooooo damn annoying.

8. Learn to stop speaking in riddles and be simply clear.

nope i haven’t even managed this one yet although i did see a corporate course on communication skills and perhaps i should attend. I oscillate between bluntness and longwinded jibber jabber and it seems very few people actually take it in so i need to get this done, especially when it comes to face to face interactions.

9. Win my trip to thailand

Damn this sucker was a defaulted bet that never came through in the end but hopefully i shall be seeing some of that part of the world in the near future. how odd that a friend of mine who i went to school with has recently contacted me and is now teaching in Thailand? Coincidence…I think now. watch this space 2012 and 2013.

10. get back a large chunk of the money people owe me.

ugh this is becoming a pipedream. I have bursaries i think the University will never pay me or will offeset against extension fees, extensions based on others people not doing their roles for whatever reason. I have some friend’s debts i could pretty much write off and i have timeless timesheets to fill in at work because they didn’t properly get me registered when i started. I suppose it’s a good thing i am not money orientated or financially neutral or i would be in some serious doo doo.

But of the ones i have failed to do this will hurt the least. there is more to life than that.

11. Spend less time flirting and become better at it

Ha, well i do spend far far FAR less time flirting as such but seriously, i’ve become absolutely rubbish at it, like piss fucking poor. And it’s getting worse, what’s more distrurbing is that i don’t even care.

I’m at a definite crossroads point me thinks and 2012 may be a time when i need to start choosing a future path for myself

12. Buy some less trampy clothes

Yeah got this one got some nice clothes for myself in a big shopping spree down south in August. I can now blent in with the  rest of soceity although personally i think i looked overdressed, meh.

13. make semi old clothes more trampy

well this one goes without even have to mention it, i rock the tramp look like no other, christ some of the stuff i bought in august is already tramped up to the max.

14. Do some volunteering

Nope, i missed the boat on this one. And it is a shame as i have no real reason to. I think this year, I will need to make it a priority and sacrifice some of my weekends for it because i get back from work at 7 and that may be far too late to get involved with stuff.

I’m getting to an age where you have to start giving back to communities and passing your knowledge and experiences back into the system. I can’t afford to let this upset straddle me for another year.

15. Get back into a reasonable shape

Ha, well I’ve gotten into a shape but I’m far too big now. I have to start a rigid exercise regime, especially since i am doing a bull run in Spain for my birthday this year. I do not want to get gored and have gravy p0uring out of the wound instead of blood.

16. Go on more random adventures

yeah, i managed one to America and another one to the states, no European stops but i had plenty of domestic ones down in London, but i definitely needed at least one more holiday as icing on a cake.

17. Write more but become more concise

I’ve been definitely keeping u with the writing, which i am pretty happy about. Not sure how concise i have been with my articles this year in comparison to last year’s, it’s all one big blur really but hopefully I will keep churning out stuff that you all like and may hopefully leave an imprint on ya.

18. enjoy life but not too much

I’m kinda neutral on this one but I can’t look back at 2011 with many bad memories, if anything i could count them all on one thumb so i guess this one is ticked as well.

19. enhance music collection

Ah well without a doubt the musical side of this year has suffered, I haven’t been listning to benji b as regularly as i might have ALTHOUGH I have now learn the jedi art of downloading music so my collection has grown exponentially but as for finding songs from 2011, a tiny spec in comparison from what i’ve done from 2009 and 2010.

20.  Make it through ghost without crying

physically impossible, it actually is physically impossible.

21. start goal tobecome a badass kitesurfer and mix ith with snowboarding to make the greatest extreme sport ever.

yeah, this one has been postponed till this year, i’m on this like flies on shit now

22. To start thinking of ridding myself of this treacherous account and all you lot, ha ha

omy online world, it is definitely starting to wind down more and i really see no reason why i couldn’t take an extended break from it. although why i didn’t last year, only god knows, actually i did for a couple of months now that you mentioned it. but i have since fallen back into remission

23. To inspire people to want to be more than they are at the moment

Only one case of this comes to mind but if it only happens to one person, and if we all just changed one person a lil bit the world would be a better place, so i am happy with that predicament.

24. to start waking up well before 9am and getting to bed at a reasonable time *yawn*

Well the waking up bit i am doing now because i don’t have a choice but the getting to bed part is physically impossible. I don’t seem to go to sleep earlier than 1am every night and by thursday it is starting to absolutely kill me. I need to set myself a bedtime of 11.30.

25. to finish another classic old school console game i never did when i was youmg and thick.

I had made some leeway with mike tyson’s punchout and also with some metroid this year but i have still to crack them, but i think i need to finish at least one of them next year and do a lil victory dance. it’s amazing how you realise how annoying some of those games actually are and also how retarded you were as a child and couldn’t manage to pass some of the easiest bits known to man.

i hate my past self

26. To look back aat this list and laugh at how ambitious it was

hahahaha, I love my past self


27. Shave more so i can grow a proper old man beard, instead of this mess i have now wooo

Ah screw this, i’ve given up on proper wet shaving, i am just going to have to invest in some trimmers for my beard as wet shaving just damages my skin far too much. The old man beard status will just have to wait, i guess i could just shave my ass and stic pric it to my face as a consolation

28. inspire people to want to help others by paying good deeds forward

I think this will be linked with volunteering stuff that i do, hopefully it will pay dividend as you know you’ve made an impact on someone’s life if you inspire them to want to make an impact on someone elses.

So I come in with a grand total of 13 out of 28. Not bad at all.

Now all i have to do is figure out some for this year and see how many i hit. Here’s to a clean streak. I hope you all hit yours too since this is technically the last year we have, best go out with a bang
Take care all.