Absolutely Hughesless

Hugh’ll be the death of me


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She hates it coming out, from within

And because of this, she tries to hate him.

His stupid glasses on his stupid face

How he  manages to always be late

The mountain of mess he leaves on his plate

Couldn’t she do better than a retarded primate?


But the reality is true, and in full view

She is absolutely fucking besotted with Hugh.



But she can never let him (or even herself) truly know

The incandescence of her inner glow

Otherwise, inevitability’s morbid crow

Will drive him to wake up one day

Grab his coat

and  go.



And where will that ultimately leave her?

Alone. Scared and a certainly weaker.

Unable to breather, unable to speaker

A recloose from the world, depressed and meeker.



She can never go back to that former date

When her father left on the eve of her eighth

She was left was to  fend for her mental state.

But she never recovered from this shattered hate.

But Hugh somehow made her forget

He treated her breaks, He got  them to set

He showed her a path without regret

And all without an ulterior intent.

The shithead.


He is the descendent of abracadabra.

A bestower of magical powers

Her champion on the eve of Armageddon.

But he’s still Hugh for god’s sake.


Urgh…how she loathes this reality.


So she hates him for tiny things more and more

Like the piles of clothes he leaves on the floor

 How he spends all his money in retro game stores

And why (for the love of GOD) he likes the fucking Corrs????

Stupid ugly Irish sisters.


She can’t figure why she likes the fool

He dresses badly and demands ridicule

But when he’s asleep and covered in drool

While in deep slumber and she’s out of view,


She snuggles up gently beside him,

Breathes him in,

Cracks a hardened smile

And  gently whispers


‘Sometimes I absolutely fucking  hate you

But that’s why I’ll always fucking love you

It’s just a shame I can never tell you

My Hugh, my Hugh, my Hugh, my Hugh

You beautiful snoring bastard’

*sigh and kiss*


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If you would like any of the pictures used in this piece, simply click on the relevant links below and please please please show some appreciation by going to Sylvadine’s page and showing some love. I think her art is simply out of this world and watch this space, hopefully I will be asking her to commission something with me