‘Twas the Dark Knight before Christmas

Short and sweet video post for the festive period.

A classic short christmas poem with a superhero flair added to it.

THis was posted by a genius known as itsjustsomerandomguy on youtube about four years ago and i remember when it first went up. it helped me realise how important it was to take a day off. Unfortunately, i haven’t been able to do a hard day’s work since but that is another story entirely.:)

It has now been my own holiday routine to watch this video every year and learn the subtle lessons it bestows. especially about really going the distance to help a friend. of all the miracles that happen this time of year this one really can be seen as being super.

itsjustsomerandomguy originally wrote this piece for his girlfriend. I think its very kind of him to have shared this with the rest of the world. Even though it is used with toys, in any other artform, it could have easily been seen an award winning classic. Infact, I kinda like it just the way it is, it makes it unique. I hope you do to.

Merry christmas you all, especially to all the bruce waynes hiding away in your batcave. as long and dark as it may seem, the night will eventually end. and with the rising of a new dawn comes hope of a new day and a new start. Relish in those thoughts over the Christmas period. take care.