Open Sesame

Their eyes met with the ferocity of enemies, yet their lips burned with the sensation of lovers. This is the tale of when two polar opposites were forced to succumb to their nature….and attract.



The heat had become the only thing that mattered, it had ridden the night of any plans of slumber, as the air had engulfed itself in flames and shrouded itself in thick, thick humidity.

The only thing for miles around was a small open hut on the beach, where a bonfire flickered nature’s brand of mood lighting, on two distinct figures,  casting   glimpses of their serenade  onto the deserted shore.

The sound of the air had began to grow with their mutual heavy breathing and it filled with their intertwined scents as osmosis carried it across the humid space surrounding them.

There was no escaping this inevitability, There was no rescue for either of them, from either of them. This was their fate.

She was dressed in nothing, yet was fitted in designer soft skin which was tailored from centuries of aristocratic decadence. He was chiseled from poverty. Like soldering hot volcanic ash, perfectly formed, with an intense heat from within, still active and capable of erupting with passion at a moment’s notice.

Her pupils were perfectly formed droplets of cirrus cloud, providing a  glaze over her already perfect stare. The perspiration in the air was the only thing that held off the intensity of her smouldering eyes setting fire to his soul. However, he had his own weapons at his disposal.

His lips were soaked in the juices of that seductive apple from the garden of Eden, pink and full, ripe with desire, and completely irresistible. And his voice had the potential to even make time skip a heartbeat. Crisp enough to cut the night air, while still calm, direct and assertive…like a unwrapped bomb found on Christmas morning.

He moved to her, slowly, with his eyes continually locked on her,  with small confident steps, like a snow leopard stalking its next meal. She took the same steps back, until, she reached the wall. behind her. There was no where now to move and her heart immediately started to race as she closed her eyes to try and regain some composure.

When they re-opened , he continued at the same pace, slow and sure. As he approached her, you could feel the electricity begin to charge between them, the hairs on the back of their necks started to raise and the air started to fill with the faint sense of their foreseeable debauchery.

He stood so close to her, well inside her personal space proximity, her nipples ever so gently grazing his chest. This made her sigh gently. As she now had her head tilted to keep locked upon his Onyx stare.

He leaned over to her left side, and with one hand, stroked her hair back from her face, revealing her ear, he leaned in as she lifted up onto her tippy toes for her lobes to meet his lips.

He took a gentle breath in and silently whispered into the wind.


Her eyes cordially replied


As a shiver was sent hurtling down her spine, she let out an small audible gasp but retained the majority of the swirl, as she bit down firmly on her lip, forcing out the  build up of sweat that started to break on her chest. It glistened against her skin, making her appear golden in the firelight.

His hand moved gently to the back of her neck while he clasped his sweet lips on the tiny end of her ear lobe and sucked down on it. She buckled gently under her feet and under the subtle intensities of these new sensations.

His tongue gently glided against the underside of her ear, as it moved carefully down the small of her neck, carving a trail to the corridor of where her neck and shoulder met. Her arms instinctively grasped around him, digging themselves into the contours of his back. Her actions were no longer her own as she slowly succumbed to the moment.

He nibbled gently on her neck and for the first time, she felt the slither of hi precum from his growing cock, graze against the sensitive part of her inner thigh as he repositioned himself to cordially grind his hips slowly against hers. His thick rising tower performing its ceremony of adoration  with these slow throbs. Like the ticking of a clock, tiny movements accompanied by moments of hesistation, followed by more tiny movements.

As it grew, it caressed more and more of her inner thigh until it finally met the secreted juices  escaping from her pounding hot labia. Soon they would be able to sense each other’s sexual heat and this made her lick her lips seductively as her eyes began to dilate with corrupted lust.

He ran his arms down the side of hers and then lifted them up so they crossed at the wrist above her head stretched out, he firmly held them there with one hand and trailed his free hand down the side of her arm, meandering down the side of her body to her waist. He then used his body leverage to grind so so slowly against her hips, as hers raised to meet his by arching her back. He used this opportunity to gently bite down on her neck, while their bodies rocked in sinusoidal unison.

His free hand tickled the sides of her hip and then danced up the front of her body, flowing up the small of her cleavage, clipping her soft breasts and to the other side of her neck, he then cups her face and lifts his head from her neck and tilts her to kiss her.

Their eyes closed and his leans in to kiss her, their noses touch and rub softly past each other, their lips are close to meeting but their faces brush along their respective cheeks as they miss their targets, only the corners of their mouths meet, they realign their faces as they eskimo kiss slowly, then tentatively move closer, till their lips are in reach of one another. Both their heads tilt and their mouths open.

His lips gently close and clasp on to her succulent top lip, causing him to twitch strongly against her inner thigh, the intensity of the jolt, has another glisten of pre cum squeeze out of the engorged tip of his erection. She allows her mouth to remain open as his lips end up kisser hers, making small trails over. As he moves back to realign his face, her tongue comes out and gently tastes the underside of his top lip, in all its ripness. This causes the bloodflow to her nipples to race, allowing them to rise up and stick into his muscly chest.

Their tongues eventually met as they kisses pasionately, flickering and dancing against each other tentatively, learning each others, dancing in unison, as they succulently tasted each other. They kissed like two atoms colliding, like the onset of a nuclear explosion, exponentially escalating, unable to be stopped. All with the intensity of the birth of the universe itself.

Her heart beats at a million miles an hour, It raced but was far away from any sort of finish line, at least that what she prayed, she had always dreampt of this moment but had never fathomed it would ever come to pass. Unlike most of her dreams, this moment dared to meet the expectations of it, and had quite the potential to surpass that.

But before that, she needed to know how it felt to grip him while he was inside her, to wish that smooth dick of his would give her that nice fill and give her that comfortable stretch she’s yearned for, for so long. She needed to know how he tasted against her lips and how his throbbing cock felt like against his tongue. She needed to know all of this, and she needed to find it all out on this night.

Just as the magical moment was about to come, out of know where, She realized that yet again, she had been dreaming, but her body had gone through the motions. She woke up panting, sweating a lil. She had yet again missed her opportunity she thought. But then she remembered this was a half truth.

She was in his flat, Just beside her in bed was this emmaculate figure of a man, in a dark room which had been rampaged for hours by a passion neither of them had ever encountered elsewhere, an aftermath which claimed two bodies and a one bedroom apartment, or so they thought.

As she realized this, she smiled, knowing that her dreams had been already been fulfilled, and while she clearly wanted more, she was willing to wait. Just this once. She had waited over 20 years for this moment before, a few more hours for rounds 7, 8, and 9 would be a walk in the park

She placed her arms between her thighs and found a panting wet pussy, she snuggled up to his sleeping calm face and rested her face close to him, as she quietly stared into his gorgeous face, she played with her self through the night, not allowing herself to orgasm so her lover could claim that accolade as he would eventually wake to find her giving him a blowjob that would resurrect any corpse. She then closed her eyes, smiled and let her thoughts slip back, as do her fingers and back they both went…

Years later, When Kermit eventually ended up telling his friends about this story after their split, he never did tell them that he didn’t tell her that he had videod the whole ordeal. he was also persuaded by his close pals into to also putting up the video evidence on Screwtube. It was met with far less controversy than expected. Infact he gained some notoriety for his antics.