Seriously Koo-Koo

My Evil Plan, muhahahaha

I was ab the pub yesterday and someone did this to me. I was so amazed, I came all over myself. So I will change it a little bit, do it to you and pretend I was the genuis behind it all haha.



HOWEVER in getting to this point, you are entering into a commitment with me. I am not usually bothered but I would ask please please please, for everyone who fills this out, to please leave a comment describing your own personal experience of it.

Even better, if you get out a pen and paper and draw out your experience, I’d like to see them, you’ll understand what i mean when i go through it.

So we have a deal, non???


Clear your mind

Now i want you all to stand up if you can, take three nice deep breaths in and shake out if you can. When you are relaxed you can sit back down again.



Clear your mind of everything and just go with the flow of it, Be willing to take suggestions from a clear calm unthreatening voice.


Let us Commence

Now i want you to imagine you are in a desert and infront of you in all direction all you can see is sand and sky. The horizon in your view takes up about 50% of the sky and 50% of the desert. and focus on that image in the baseline.


Now here comes the fun part



I want you to imagine a solid simple shape, like a sphere, cube, cuboid and I want you to tell me some details about it



Firstly where is it in your vision and with respect to the desert/sky horizon. Is it close or far away?

What colour is it (please try not to use the same ones as in the pic unless they are genuinely the same colour)

Is it transparent, or solid shaped?

HOw big is your object?

If it is slightly odd shaped, which was is it facing?

Is it on the ground, or hovering or up in the sky?

Have you got that all?




Now I want you to keep that there and now imagine a ladder



Again, where is your ladder in respect to you and your object

How big is your ladder height wise

How many rungs does your ladder have

What material is your ladder made of

Is it leaning on anything, above/ below yoru object etc?

Is it standing straight up, if it is not leaning on anything but standing up, and tilting, which direction is it tilting in?

Does it get wider/narrower as you go from the top to the bottom or is it equal in width all the way through



Now i want you to imagine a horse



how big is the horse in respect to you, the shape and the ladder?

where is the horse in relation to you, the horizon, the object and the ladder?

What colour is the horse?

Is it a strong horse?

Think of three words to describe this horse?

does it have a saddle?

does it have horseshoes or is it wearing any garments?

Is it a show horse, military horse, work horse, pet or a wild horse

does it have a saddle?

Don’t worry, we’re nearly done


Now I would like you to imagine some flowers


Again, how big, how many and where they are located

What type of flower are they

If you were to put a price on them between Free and £100, how much do they look like they cost?

Where are the flowers in relation to you and to everyone else?


Now I would like you to imagine a storm



Where is the storm, is it close or far away from the horizon,

How big is it

Is it over any of the other objects you have, or even over you

is it inside any of the other objects or around/over under them



Now that you have this image of your head of a horizon, an object, a storm, a ladder, a bunch of flower and a horse, please remember it or you may wish to jot it down on a piece of paper.

Once you have done that, I can now bring you into the lovely dissection part


Here comes the sciency bit

You have just taken part in an exercise known as Kookology, invented in Japan. It uses abstract thought processes in a controlled manner to apparently unveil information about yourself in a subconcious manner which you may not even be aware of.

SO if we were sitting in person, this would be the time where i would get you to describe your scenario to me but I will have to let you do that in the comments section.

Now then, I will provide you with what all this funky shit apparently means


The Money Shot Reveal

So here is what it all means

hold on to your seatbelts…


the shape you choose pretty much represents you or how you see your self.

spheres mean you are peaceful people

blocks are kinda normal

the triangles are power focused. if it is pointing up, then you crave it, if the pointy bit is going down, you have it.

mixtures of pieces like a cylinder means you are normal with a tendency towards being peaceful.

the more faces your shape has, the more varied personalities you have

if your shape is not symmetrical, it means that you are not balanced

the colour of your shape reflects your mood. multicoloured shapes me you change moods alot. yellows are fun, red are cautious, blacks are secretive, whites are religious/order orientated/scientific/rational, blue are supportive and greens are nature orientated.

if your shape is transparent then it means you are what you see and let people

the size of the shape reflects the size of your ego, if it is the same size of you, it is normal.

if the shape is located on the ground, it means that you are quite grounded, hovering means you can be a dreamer, if it is up in the air, you are away with the fairies.


your ladder represents your friends

the number of rungs are representative of the number of close friends you have

the material of the ladder represents the type of friendship you have with them, so wooden is traditional, metal is modern, plastic is kinda facebook friendlike, kinda fickle

The proximity of the ladder4 to yourself or your object represents how close you are to your friends. IF it is leaning on you, thenyou have friends that rely on you, if it is tilting away from you, then you are not close to them with regards to close information. If it is standing straight up and not leaning on anything, you are quite independent from your friend network.


Your horse represents your ideal lover

The words used to describe your horse either describe the characteristics in your current partner, or if you are single, your ideal partner or last ex.

the colour of your hose represents the skin tone most applicable to you

if it has a saddle, you like to dominate your partner

if it has no dressing, you would prefer for them to be a free spirit

same as if if it isn’t groomed etc.

whether it has shoes or not, or if it is decorated represents either the type of profession or style you would like from your character, the more detrails, the more externaly motivated your attractiveness towards them is.

Again the proximity to the horse to the shape and the ladder represents how you think or want yoru partner to be. Let’s hope the horse isn’t under the ladder :p


Your flower represents the type of children you have/want

the number of flowers roughly translate to the number of kids you want

small trim roses mean you want show children that are prim and proper.

Wild flowers mean you want independent children that are?

IF they are closer to the shape or the horse generally indicates who you would like to be a bigger parental influence. IF they are far away in horizon, i means you don’t particularly want a close knit family or children anytime soon.


Yeah, same ol pattern, size and shape are important, so is distance and location to everything else



so there you have it.


My answer

So for thanking you for going through this, i will provide my genuine answers to this question

My cube was a completely see through frame, with a white outline that was spinning on the ground on one of its corners. It was in the centre of my horizon and was the same size as me.

my ladder was wooden, and only had two rungs on it and was resting against my left foot

my horse only had one leg and was hooked on top of the spinning cube and had  pirate hat on it, while hanging on for dear life.

my flowers were in my left hand and they are a cheap bunch of flowers you get from a petrol station when you realise at late notice that its mother’s day.

my storm was a tiny one in a teacup located in my right hand.

That’s interesting i hear you think?

The real truth is that the whole thing is a complete lie and nothing really means anything, it’s just an interesting way to start up a random convo with someone

NO, it’s completely messed up



Cheating Boring Bastards

That’s not fair…

what was more messed up was the fact that this technique is apparently a well known chat up regime for guys to you in bars or in clubs. as advertised here, a lovely site called ‘get into her mind, get into her bed’, classy…

I am not usually a fan of people using formulaic approaches to meeting people, so i thought i might give people a head’s up, kinda like the secret magician who spoils it. This i suppose it to get people to become more imaginative when it comes to meeting people. chat up lines are dull and chat up lines that don’t pretend to be chat up lines are even worse. Let’s just encourage everyone to simply be.

so if anyone tries to do this to you, describe the horse as looking exactly like them but being fill of herpes

Now if you happen to know any one legged  free spirited ladies in pirate hats, let me know


Don’t forget to share your experiences, it means alot, taaaa