Nihilism Unmasked

Dont want to say too much about this, I think it speaks far more volume if you just watch it. A unique look at the Unique perspective of some Nihilistic points of views from two different characters. I may come back to give some of my views on it.

To clarify, the first one gives their particular concept of happiness, while the other concentrates on their view of sadness. All of course void of any real sense of emotion in their deliveries.

The crazy thing is that I think they are both right, while many would find it hard to align themselves with any of them. Saying, that, I think they work in groups, so either you’ll agree with both or disagree with both, HOWEVER, if one sticks out to you while the other seems irrational, then please let me know as you’ll fall into tiny bracket of folk I’d like to have a discussion with about this.
Thanks again

ps, both videos take a teeny time to get to their point so simply basque in the ambience. of them.

Tara chucks

Ulquoirra Schiffer