Violent lives end violently…



I don’t know much about Libyan politics or about what has happened in the past.

However, what good is it carrying and parading the body of a dead man through the streets?

Any society that is willing to jump up and down at the overthrowing of a violent regime, through violence, is almost certain to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors.

No death on this planet should be celebrated. No one deserves to have their bodies dragged through the streets. No bodies should be up for people to see, especially in public news papers..

It adds nothing to anyone’s life. He won’t become more dead, It won’t help the healing process, it won’t speed up redevelopment of power and a redistribution of services and a quick and rapid erection of all the damaged property and the installation of a fairer more transparent legal and political system.

The only thing it satisfies is are simplistic nature to be shocked by our potential as animals and really how far we haevn’t moved in all this time.

I once heard this quote

He who runs with aggression walks without dignity

And I always find it funny how similar the suppressors and suppressed looked when who is holding the gun/resources/money changes hands

I understand that if some people decide to rule by the sword, they will eventually get impaled on it but I do have interactions with a few Libyans who unfortunately were osteracised from their homes during this conflict and there are definitely two sides to every story.

I don’t know if it is applicable but there was this one scene in the 2002 film Hero, where the King of Qin, sends his men to take down this monastery.

They are in the middle of a calligraphy class and arrows start coming in. There is panic and hysteria and everyone is rushing for the doors in a mass panic.

The class teacher, shouts and calms them. He then says this

You Must Remember! Strong as the arrows Of Quing may be; though they will shatter Our Cities and destroy Our Nation, they shall Never Extinguish Zhao’s Written Word. Today, I Shall Teach You the True Spirit of Our Culture!

He tells them the one thing they will not destroy is their culture and he returns to his seat and continues to write/draw. Arrows fall to the side of him. Everyone returns to their place and while some are shot while writing, none of them move from their positions.

The whole scene can be found here, it’s actually quite a powerful piece of cinema but after watching it, I won’t need to tell you that (from about 20-25 minutes in)

If they were all to be massacred, their corpses would retain their historic imprint of their culture and all would know they were not broken and they died  as enlightened men, not as animals (nor did they succumb to their animalistic traits)

You cannot compromise on your humanity, even in conflict. If anything, the greatest form of opposition would come through foregoing everything that feels natural and becoming…at peace with your surroundings. Taking up the swordsman’s ultimate ideal as they say.

The Swordsman Ultimate Ideal


20th Version of the Chinese Kanji for Sword


It’s just dawned on me!

This Kanji’s unique calligraphy,

 Isn’t about the ultimate sword technique,

But about the Swordsman’s ultimate ideal.

The Swordsman’s first ideal,

Is the unity of the hand and the sword.

Once this unity is attained,

Even a blade of grass can be used as a weapon.

The Swordsman’s second ideal,

Is when the sword exists in their heart.

When a blade is absent from their reach,

They can still strike multiple enemies at 1,000 paces,

Even with their bare hands.

The Swordsman’s ultimate ideal,

Is absence of the sword,

In both the hand and the heart.

The Swordsman finally becomes at peace,

With the rest of the world.

They vow not to kill,

And to bring peace to mankind.


Knowing a swordman’s ultimate ideal, A man of war could take on multiple soldiers with his weapons. A man of peace could unarm multiple armies with just a gesture from his hand.

Although when in rome, this is easier said than done. I mean even as I write this, I have made sure I have fully stocked my zombie apocalypse hide out.

But saying this, I think some of the greatest advances in our society have been under the single vision of individuals who may have stayed in power far longer than expected. Democracy is only a useful tool in a society whom is ready to take it onboard. It is the ice-skates you wear once on top of a flat glacier, which would be no use when trying to ice-skate up hill to it. To get to that plateau, you need a lil climbing boots of dictatorship.

All advanced societies have gone through it, and don’t pretend just because you apparently live in a democratic government system that there is no dictatorship there. The only difference is that the ruler is those who operate and decide how the money is provided, govenmrnets usually have very little impact on this and you find that you march to the tone of big corporation banks most of the time, not to negate some of the most powerful business entities of the world. So while the burden is shared out a lil bit more, they still all march to the tune of the same ol drum. To the beat of money, And the tighter the march, the faster the development

Now don’t get me wrong, a single person’s vision can also plummet a country, continent or economic system into complete turmoil as well so it’s not all hugs and roses BUT the big leaps, advancements, achievements are generally under a unique vision.

So later on, I will update this and just help highlight some of Gadaffi’s visions he was able to put in place before he died. Some of these will come as a shock to you who believe that the way the UK or US do things are the best. Or simply have a one sided (or no real opinion on Gadaffi).


In any case, there are these African singers/musicians, called Amadou and Miriam, a married single couple from  Mali but their one big thing is that they are both blind. It’s amazing that two blind people can find the love within each other

On a normal day,I would put something about The only way these two sorry sites would find anyone else in life is if they were blind too, or something along the lines of good job they can’t see their partners, or they would kill themselves, but I will be super nice today.

SO yeah, they are in a band, with the very imaginative title of ‘Amadou et Mariam’….

They have this song called ‘Ce n’est pas bon’, which translates pretty much to ‘It’s not fucking cricket, is it mate’

It talks about how politicians, dictators and people of power aren’t right.

The French and translated lyrics are below


L’hypocrisie dans la politique,

Ce n’est pas bon. Ce n’est pas bon. Nous n’en voulons pas.

Démagogie dans la politique,

Ce n’est pas bon. Ce n’est pas bon. Nous n’en voulons pas.

La dictature dans la politique,

Ce n’est pas bon. Ce n’est pas bon. Nous n’en voulons pas.

Du bonheur, du bonheur pour le peuple.

De l’amour, de l’amour pour le peuple.

Ce n’est pas bon. Ce n’est pas bon. Nous n’en voulons


Hypocrisy in politics,

Its not good. Its not good. We dont want any.

Demagogy in politics,

Its not good. Its not good. We dont want any.

Dictatorship in politics,

Its not good. Its not good. We dont want any.

Happiness, happiness for the people,

Love, love for the people.

Its not good. Its not good. We dont want any


I heard this on the radio and as you do, I went on to youtube to try and find a copy of it to listen to regularly at my own leisure. I found a live version of it, which was more acoustic than the original dancy version that I had.

One of the comments I read was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

I am sure it was posted by GOD himself but he gave himself the guise of youtube user called Tirles

Les problem, Ce pas le politique, C’est la publique

It’s not the politicians that are bad, but it is the people

*head explodes*

What an eye opening point. We are all quick to point out the pictures of the regimes that suppress us but then it is us that give up our rights to be free and allow ourselves to be suppressed by the minority. Not always at our own fault, most people who believe themselves to be helpless rarely understand the tools and resources they have to their disposal. This occurs a lot in the developming world but it is most annoying especially in the west, where there are so many resources out there in order to provide a true sense of an equilibrium (of course without that money drum deafening your ears to the message, it certainly needs to be silenced).

Usually a violent suppressive hand is used to control the latent violent and suppressive ones among us. Regimes and cultures which offer more equality generally have no real rules as such as there is a mutual understanding between parties, nothing need be written in stone, universal harmony will always prevail.

Are we ready for that world. I see arrows flying towards me in the horizon, do I stand and fight for what I think I believe in and succumb to the very nature I am trying to declilne, or Do I die silently

But what good is a moral victory if you do not manage to change the landscape. History is written in the blood of the slaves, to the tune of the conquerors. What good then is my losing blood.

Do we decide to preserve ourselves and beliefs in the present, knowing no one will hear our message or succumb to our savagery and hypocritically lay down the foundations for a future breed who may one day become the people we wished to?

Most people would to the latter, but will this future breed ever come to light if we keep repeating the sins of our fathers.

Time will eventually retort this paradigm with its immortal beautiful trick card in hindsight.

Or perhaps it may miss out the beauty of true anarchy while it blinks.

Who knows, better yet, who else cares….