What’s supdate

Hmm, I have seem to run out of stuff to write

well that is not entirely true, I do have at least one major topic I want to write about at least but it is going to take me a serious amount of time to construct my words for that one. Infact just after starting to write this, about 5 different pieces suddenly came to light and I’m doing them all at the same time, go figure.

But with this I will provide this one first as lil check up on me

I have managed to find myself a decent place to live in town and I will move in tomorrow after spending a week in a hostel.

The week itself has been fine, nothing special, I have really kept myself to myself for most of it, and the same at work. I was put in a temporary desk for a while so I knew it wouldn’t be best to try and make many attachments. Although I must say it was odd to hear people around me speaking, especially this one guy who had finally managed after five years to get himself an international assignment in Perth. He sounded so happy. Worst yet, I heard him give over some bank details over the phone. He is only 28 and worst of all, he is born in september, which makes him younger than me. In an ideal world, that could have been me, how nice would that have been eh?

Anywho, I kinda wish him the best but he doesn’t half go on about it, I also wish he gets eaten by a shark, stung by a scorpion and butt-fucked by a kanagaroo’s foot while he fellates a hyena.

In any case, I feel no more part of the working world than I did when I was doing research before. Is

Here, I found this a strange phenomenon but I have always wanted a job which pays or allows me to save a lot, work at a minum and provided all the free time God can spend.

When I had my post doc, I pretty much had this, although it really didn’t give me the opportunity to emmigrate. Because of my predicament, the amount of money I actually retained was a significantly higher percentage of my total wage (and it’s all about how much you save at the end of the day).

So here I am apparently moving in the right direction of my free job and I have less holiday time, have far greater living expenses, have travelling expenses and even though I may be earning more, I may actually be saving far less than I did before.

It’s funny but research may have actually been my dream position. I was wondering this today as I embarked on my first ‘dress down’ friday and I was quite giddy at the prospect of not wearing a suit in. Then I realised that I used to rock up to work before in Pjs only a couple of weeks ago not giving a tuppeny fuck about anyone’s moral conundrum. It’s almost so stockholm/helsinki syndrome reminiscent, where you start to caress the hand that has tamed you.

But the only thing here is that eventually doors will open up in this job and the financial situation can only get better (Even though we are all still suceptible to living to or just beyond our means regardless of our incomes). I would really dream to have that moment you see in films where the protagonist realises he had the answer in his hands all along and gave it up right at the beginning of the story.

I am pretty lucky in life and I guess I will always manage some sort of happy ending out of any predicament I am thrown into but let’s hope that I can eventually maximise the happy with this decision.

There is only two major pieces left and I’ll embark on getting one of those very soon.