The second most beautiful thing I have ever seen

Awhile ago, someone asks me what is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I couldn’t tell them and I certainly won’t be telling you. But I would hope that somewhere along the course of my life, it has the chance to be bested.

But as a consolation, I can tell you or describe to you the second most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

But I have to go into a bit of background detail into it.

During my short tenure in this planet, I have managed to generate some simply rules in life. Rules that perhaps help make sense of the world around me and make the inexplicable things around us, a lil bit more coherent. I suppose everyone does this, it isn’t perhaps an obscure trait.

However, as a child of science, I am a believer of order. Order in everything, even in chaos. Infact, I think chaos is something we have yet to find an order for. In the way our cavemen ancestors originally thought that lightening was God being angry, they believed the chaos of nature was without any form or order, while now meteorologists and physicists can explain that lightening is the discharge of electric atoms based on the growing charge between the clouds and the ground of polar opposite elements.

Now one of the as yet unordered aspects of life our humans ourselves and the way we interact with one another.

The thing with order and stuff is that a lot of the time, in the qualitative aspects of life, it all comes down to perception

Take the traffic light green light

According to the official green cross go, it means

‘proceed only if it is safe’

but most people consider it means go.

so what happens when someone decides to go if it isn’t safe and gets into an accident.

the problem is that they may not know any better even though the safe thing is implied with it. But you may see how they may be problem if an alien was ever here learning to drive, they may be some issues

So this means that even when you think you would get something simple as people putting together some basic rules for society to run, there are rooms for interpretation.

You take these notions or religious texts being templates for how people should live their individual lives but ultimately, there is so much room for interpretation and misrepresentation of them that they could be pretty much used to sell any worldly idea.

But i’ve always said that isssue is a man made one. If there is a so called deity out there, and they did pass their information down to be passed on by man, as soon as it came to the prophets and were said in his/her words, they were destined to fail, because perception is key to everything.

How could a human mind, which at its highest only uses 20% of its brain function be able to pass on a message that has been created by an infinite deity. It would be like me telling a fish how to use the internet and having it tell other fishes the glorified way of finding free porn sites on line. It simply isn’t going to go down the way you’ve planned it.

But then is that man’s fault, or this so-called Diety’s fault for being so naiive (not particularly observant for being so omnipotent) ? But that is a whole ‘nother topic for another discussion.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and this is where I see beauty.

Take this


Now to a lot of you this is completely nothing. But you have to look at it

This is the ultimate foundation of any quantitative knowledge based analysis anyone ever learns. This is the beginning of maths, science, geography, biology, statistics, reasoning, logic, order, everything.

This is one small step for man, one universal crossing for all intelligent beings. I mean think about it. Every ‘intelligent lifeform that has and will ever exist in this uniform will and has to understand this’. It will be one of the first thing that is deduced by any alien race we ever encounter to derive how shit hot they are. Isn’t that just…magical knowing they know we know they know we know

Now consider this notion.

When did you learn this?

Why did you learn this?

How did you accept this?

Did you kick up a fuss having it explained to you?

Have you or have you ever seen anyone dispute this?

Have you had any parties pro and against this?

Have you ever seen any political agendas and uprisings against this?

Have you seen people being persecuted over this?

Has anyone died fighting for this cause?

Has anyone been raped or civilizations plundered over this?

Has this ever caused a nuclear holocaust?

Has this even lead to any pain or anguish between people?

Has this been the motivation to any motivated crime?

Has this provided any segregations in society?

Has this ever been used to squander the resources of others?

Has this ever been the catalyst to adopt slavery?

Has this ever been the notion to evade another country?

This notion is fact, complete undisputed fact. It is simply accepted by everyone, everything and our entire way of life wouldn’t be the way it is without it.

And we don’t necessarily require the proof for this, although for some of you who are that way inclined, I’ve managed to find it and here it is.

***insert mathematical proof*

The real beauty is the fact other that in its simplicity and ability to display complex reasoning so simply, is there is unification in its understanding.

In this day and age it is so hard to be simple. I have a hard time being concise myself. You have UN treaties and summits and you have countless people who understand that the goal is peace or some form of a mutual agreement but then spend countless hours writing up semantic paperwork and being irate over the wording and semantics of various pieces.

In this modern era where language and the art of advanced communication is what sets us apart from other species, we are still unable to be clear.

Even if you looks at something which is supposed to be clear like the Christian/Judasim 10 commandments brought down by moses, there is lee way for understanding and interpreting something like

Thou shalt not kill.

You would think that was pretty black and white but apparently not.

Even when you read some Christian texts and you read the greatest commandment of all is

‘Treat others as you would love to be treated’

The sadist macochist would have a hard time understanding his interaction with the pacifist hippy and vice versa.

1+1=2 represents total uniform clarity and understanding of something much more powerful. Certainly far more powerful and important than anything written by any religious text and arguably by anyone EVER.

It is not only is it something we all agree on, it is something that has come to pass without any form of conflict, or dispute. It is the first thing we all manage to realise as human beings we are all on the same page on.

Imagine that, 7 billion people in total agreement over something, regardless of age, gender, creed, colour, religion, political background. You share the same notion as your greatest ally, and your greatest enemy. As someone from an entirely different continent who speaks a completely different dialect. The richest man and the poorest man on this planet all understand this. Complete indiscriminate agreement of one soul idea.

It is something we are all united under.

Now again, as just a maths some, this may pass you by, but as a fundamental philosophy of something we can all agree on, it’s ramifications and its ability to provide a notion in 5 characters/numbers literally blows my mind apart.

There is a great scene in the Film hero, which I posted about earlier, where the King of Qin attempts to do a similar thing by uniting all the kingdoms of ancient china into one regime. One of the people previously sent to assassinate him finds him and understand his previously seen exploits are not those of an evil man but one who strived for peace and order. He attempts to convince the other assassins in his group by simply writing one Chinese word in Chinese.

This word was

‘All under heaven’

The assassin stated:

The people have suffered years of warfare, only the King of Qin can stop the chaos… by uniting all under heaven.’ I was asked  to abandon the assisanation for the greater good fo all. One person’s suffering is nothing compared to the suffering of many. The rivalry of Zhao and Qin is trivial compared to the greater cause.

So this notion of global unification is quite a beautiful thing when you think about it. Unfortunately Qin, as a batch of others who have tried to conquer and influence vasts amounts of the world, it’s not an easy task and it is one that is usually done with a sense of initial force and fear.

1+1=2 is done with peace, total utter peace. Changing the face of the world with the use of peace is almost impossible to imagine.

Now if that isn’t beauty incarnate, I really don’t know what is.

I was hoping in my lifetime I would be able to get together some form of document that would ideally help change the way people live their lives but as a whole document, I realise the potential flaws, as the more you write, the more perception becomes an issue. So now, I am simply just looking at 1+1=2 as a template and thinking perhaps just one sentence would do.

I do someday hope, with the use of words to be able to derive just one sentence that the world can agree on. If I can do just this, perhaps the Einstein’s of the humanitarian worlds in decades gone by can build on it to provide a sense of uniform social serenity.

Sorry, i’m not used to being so nice when I write, SO with all this yum warm fuzzy notion of beauty inside I’ve managed to create, I will destroy it with a terrible joke.

What was Sesame Street’s Count’s favourite place to visit?

Well personally I am not sure but everytime he did his 2x table, he kept going on about dublin and dublin and dublin


(when said in a london urban street hood accent, that joke is legendary)

ps, one day if I am feeling really open or bored, I will tell you the most beautiful thing I’ve seen but at this moment, you can all kiss my ass.